Shannon & Vicki Argue On 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' In One Of The Worst Fights Of The Season

After a season of fighting, the final two friends left standing came crumbling down on the Real Housewives of Orange County finale. On RHOC , Vicki and Shannon's feud escalated at Tamra's baptism, and it was by far one of the worst fights of the season. The two women have been there for each other throughout the entire season and it is pretty sad to see them end the season on such terms. But, the thorn in everyone's side — Brooks' cancer — got the best of Vicki and Shannon's friendship, which seemed inevitable.

The argument all started when a rumor got out that Brooks had called Terry — Heather's husband — one night when he wasn't doing so well. Terry "supposedly" called a colleague and sent him to Brooks' house to set up an IV. According to Terry and Heather, this never happened. But multiple people on the cast said they heard this story from Brooks and Vicki. This was almost the last straw for Shannon, who has been beside Vicki throughout Brooks' cancer diagnosis.

The real last straw came when Billy, Vicki's brother, came to Shannon and started defending Brooks in a way that seemed anything but natural. Billy and his girlfriend, Rhonda, started arguing with Shannon about how she hasn't been a supportive friend. Camel's back = broken.

Shannon has been extremely supportive to Vicki and Brooks during the season. She has gone out of her way to help find doctors when Brooks was diagnosed with cancer, and she defended Vicki and Brooks for as long as possible. But with Rhonda accusing Shannon of not being supportive and asking Shannon "Why didn't you show paperwork when your husband was cheating on you?" Shannon had had enough.

Let's take a breather and ask when — in the midst of all the fighting — this photo was taken.

OK. So, Vicki and Shannon's feud exploded outside of the baptism when Shannon confronted Vicki about telling Rhonda about her personal life. Side note: Shannon has been talking about her husband's affair all season long, so I'm not sure why she thinks this is some top secret.

I feel for Vicki in this moment. She has been through hell this entire season. Her mother died, her at-the-time boyfriend (probably) has cancer. Her relationship with Briana is not stellar. That's a lot to be dealing with. So the last thing she needs is to be fighting with someone who was her closest friend on the show. Unfortunately, the women didn't really solve their issue before the season ended. In fact, one of the final things Vicki said was that she has no respect for Shannon.

My hope is that these two friends can smooth things over for the finale. Vicki needs someone in her corner, especially now that she and Brooks have split. While a lot of things have happened this season, the two have always been good friends and it would be really sad to see their friendship crumble when they need each other the most.

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo