Jessie J Officially Has The Coolest Haircut

What do Kylie Jenner, Jessie J, and Jennifer Aniston all have in common? They've had some serious hair evolution moments, of course. Now, Jessie J debuted a shaved pixie cut that's giving us some serious Ruby Rose-meets-Pink vibes, and I'm more than OK with that. The singer not only posted photos of her new locks on Instagram on Sunday, Jessie J also shared a video documenting the dramatic haircut.

The first photo she posted showed a trimmer in her hand, with the cryptic message, "Don't just trust your instincts follow them," which had her fans going crazy. Then came a hilarious video of Jessie J on the salon chair, clips in her hair, saying "welcome to hair attack...and we're going to teach you how to have a shaved bit, a bob, and a mohawk all at once," of course, finishing off the video with a big laugh.

Jessie J then posted a series of black and white photos showing off her new 'do that I'm absolutely obsessed with. From the photos, we can see that she's got a mohawk on top, with each side shaved down. The new cut also came with a dye job as well. Her caption reads, "Organised rebel, if there ever was such a thing...." on one of her photos.

The singer also posted some shots with her hairdresser, showing off the final look. The verdict? My favorite hairstyle of hers to date. While I did love her most recent, super chic bob, this new 'do has got a totally rock-and-roll vibe that I can't get enough of.

While she's gone through several hair transformations throughout the years, from her classic, long, straight locks, to a short, curly bob, to a heavy-fringed cut, this is one woman who isn't afraid to change up her look.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She once told Q Magazine that she's "not really attached" to her hair and that she actually "loves being bald." Jesse J likened her short 'do to that of a baby duck, saying, "It was duck fluff. I felt like a baby duck."

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

However, she did love the way it made her feel. "Other than that, I felt strong and sexy with my head shaved."

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Why wouldn't she? Whether she's got a head full of vibrant pink hair or a shaved blonde 'do, Jessie J looks gorgeous no matter what, and it's not just because she's absolutely stunning — it's because of the confidence she feels inside!

I'm really hoping this latest 'do stays, though, because it suits her carefree, badass attitude through and through.