15 Halloween Costumes For Modest Dressers

Finding a new Halloween costume year upon year is hard enough, but when you're tired of wearing sexy costumes, the hunt for the elusive modest Halloween costume can seem impossible. Of course, I have no problem at all with women, men, and everyone in between wearing whatever they want, whenever they want to wear it, so I am not averse to anyone wearing risqué costumes on All Hallow's Eve. However, after years of dressing like a saucy bunny or slinky Catwoman, I am personally a little bored of wearing sexy ensembles.

Sometimes I think costume designers have run out of original ideas, so instead of brainstorming some really unique outfits, they have begun scraping the dregs from the bottom of the dressing-up box with sexy carrots and lobsters. I'm sorry, but trying to make a human dressed as a carrot look seductive is just hilarious to me.

So for all the Halloween lovers out there who just want to have fun playing dress up and personally feel more comfortable when covered up (or just don't want to brave the cold of Halloween dressed as a sexy jolly rancher), here is a selection of modest costumes. You can now breathe a sigh of relief: There's no need to be a sexy carrot ever again.

1. The Renaissance Maiden

Women's Renaissance Lady Costume, $32, Target

This gorgeous gown is perfect for folks who gravitate towards the traditionally feminine and classic, proving you don't need to show off flesh to look divine (unless you're comfortable doing so, obviously).

2. Little Red Riding Hood

Plus Size Woodland Red Riding Hood, $55, Halloween Costumes

This Little Red Riding Hood costume is too cute. From its puffed sleeves to its lace-up bodice and polka dot skirt, you'll look good enough to eat. Although there's a bit of a side slit on this one, you could always safety pin it to protect yourself from the chill.

3. The Easy Peasy Batman Tee

DC Comics Batman Girls Costume T-Shirt, $23, Hot Topic

This awesome T-shirt is the ultimate in lazy girl Halloween costume hacks. Just put it on with some black pants and you're off. If you want to add a little something extra, you can wear a black cape and an eye mask. It's also available in sizes XS to 2X.

4. The Skeletal Sweater

Noisy May Halloween Skeleton Sweater With High Neck, $63, Asos

If your All Hallow's Eve involves taking your relatives trick or treating and being out on a cold, autumnal evening, then this sweater will be a lifesaver. Style it however you wish as long as you keep the bottom half of your outfit all black or skeleton themed.

5. The Spooky Leggings

ASOS Curve Halloween Leggings With Skeleton Print, $33, Asos

The same rules apply to these plus size, skeleton themed leggings: Wear whatever you desire on top as long as it's in keeping with the skeleton theme or in a monochrome shade (which will help draw the eye to these creepy leggings).

6. The Sweet Cinderella Costume

Women‘s Disney Cinderella Movie Deluxe Adult Costume, $57, Target

This costume is based on the 2015 live adaptation of Cinderella and it's perfect for aspiring Disney princesses. The best part is that now you're an adult, there will be no midnight curfew for you.

7. The Snow White Costume

Snow White Deluxe Plus Size Costume, $35, Jet

Pant size should never limit what you can and can't wear. This beautiful Snow White costume is a wonderful choice for all the plus size princesses out there.

8. The Magnificent Maleficent Costume

Women's Maleficent Deluxe Christening Black Gown Adult, $41, Target

Sometimes there are days when you feel like being a badass babe, and if Oct. 31 happens to be one of them, then you can wear this vampy villainess costume. This spellbinding ensemble is available in sizes Small to XL.

9. The Pink Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger Costume, $60, Hot Topic

I don't know about you, but I always wanted to be the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers when I was a kid. Now my childhood dreams can come true with this costume, which comes complete with a bodysuit, a belt with a detachable buckle, a pair of gloves, and character glasses.

10. The Bear Coat

Bear Coat, $200, Urban Outfitters

Never mind Goldilocks: Unleash your wild side this Halloween and dress as a bear. There's no flouncy frills about this costume and although it might not be quite anatomically correct, it still looks way more realistic than any risqué bear costumes out there.

11. Hero(ine) In A Half Shell

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Foam Shell, $28, Hot Topic

Check out this cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shell! If you want to dress as one of the TMNT, wear a green shirt, tie a colored ribbon around your head, and be ready for action with a plastic weapon. However, if you're simply a fan of the animal kingdom, this shell would be a turtle-y awesome addition to a turtle or tortoise costume too.

12. The Quirky Skunk Costume

Kigurumi Skunk Costume, $80, Urban Outfitters

If you're fed up of turning up to costume parties only to find someone is dressed as the exact same thing as you (but better), this skunk costume should do the trick. It's so unusual yet really cute and it would make for some comedic photo opportunities. Get your best friends to dress as a rabbit and a deer and you'll look like the cast of Bambi.

13. The Nostalgic Wonderland Costume

Disney Alice In Wonderland Costume, $60, Hot Topic

Perhaps you're someone who loves Halloween for the nostalgic magic it brings rather than its scary side. In that case, you're sure to fall head over heels for this delightful Alice In Wonderland outfit, which includes a dress, an apron, and a headband.

14. The Pink Lady

Grease Pink Ladies Jacket Costume, $45, Etsy

Become a member of arguably the coolest girl gang to ever grace our screens: The Pink Ladies. Wear this hot pink jacket with a 1950s skirt and quiff and you'll be ready to rock and roll the night away. For major cool points, recruit your BFFs into your girl gang and set the marker high for other groups wearing themed costumes this Halloween.

15. The Purple Unicorn Costume

Kigurumi Purple Unicorn Costume, $80, Urban Outfitters

What could be better than a full size adult unicorn costume? A full size purple adult unicorn costume, that's what. Look how comfy and cozy it looks!

Costumes don't have to be saucy in order to be worn on Halloween. So throw out the rule book and enjoy yourself in a modest getup this year.

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Images: Courtesy Brands