You Can Finally Stop Using The Peach Emoji Now

by Eliza Castile

Thanks to emoji, sexting has never been easier; the characters offer a range of suggestive to downright phallic cartoons to fulfill all your dirty-talking needs. Well, most of your dirty-talking needs — until recently, vagina emoji have been tragically missing from the keyboard, leaving us to make do with lips, cherries, and other stand-ins that require way too many textual acrobatics. As clever as these options may be, nothing has quite managed to get the magic of the vagina across. Luckily, though, our NSFW heroes at Flirtmoji have swooped in like sexy, Millennial superheroes to save the day — or night, I guess. Whenever the young 'uns are sexting each other these days. (Between classes? During nail appointments? On their way to protest dress codes?)

But I digress. Earlier this week, the company announced that a new set of extra-detailed vagina emoji "in all their hairy, asymmetrical glory" will be joining their preexisting cartoon ladybits. As always, Flirtmoji's emoji are anatomically accurate and diverse in all kinds of ways: Symmetry, skin color, pubic hair, and all. In fact, the creators say that's pretty much the point.

"We were kind of in this interesting design dilemma of wanting to create something iconographic and wanting to be representational," designer Katy McCarthy told The Verge. "And we realized that these things could be reconciled."

The results are nothing short of amazing. And also sexy, of course.

Flirtmoji's regular assortment of emoji are already pretty extensive, but the company manages to churn out holiday collections and other additions regularly. At the moment, my personal favorite is the witch riding a penis as a broomstick, but to each their own. In fact, the Independent reports that Flirtmoji is currently working on a "super-sized" pack of emoji, containing more than 60 NSFW icons. Bless.

If you're interested, and of course you are, Flirtmoji offers 20 free emoji when you sign up for an account at their website. Enjoy!

Images courtesy of Flirtmoji, Giphy