A Plus Size Snow White Costume For Halloween

by Gina Jones 2

Of all the Disney princesses, I think that Snow White is the most underrated. As the original queen bee, I think we owe this gal a lot, so what better to commemorate our appreciation than with a plus size Snow White Halloween costume? Considering she was the first Disney princess — created in the '30s — you might have some qualms with how Snow White is, unfortunately, pretty anti-feminist. But thanks to re-imagined interpretations of the story (such as Kristen Stewart's armor-wearing Snow White And The Huntsman), it's easy enough to edit the original princess to fit your feminist views.

Regardless of personal values or morals, though, you have to admit that Snow White's look is on point. She was rocking the red lip well before Taylor Swift, puff sleeves long before the '80s, and her iconic black hair is, well, iconic. The black bob is a look repeated through history and cinema — hello Mia Wallace — and it will never not be cool. Maybe we have a lot more to thank Snow White for than beginning the entire Disney princess brand...

Copping Snow White's look is a pretty easy costume to pull together. It's sort of a look rooted in prancing through flowers, singing to squirrels, and cleaning up after seven short men all while exuding joy and innocence (yeah, I know, it's weird). Why not practice your skipping while you're waiting for your plus size costume essentials to arrive?

1. The Hair

Snow White Wig, $12.30,

Being plus size doesn't usually affect the size of your head, so you shouldn't need to outsource a specific plus size wig. This cute, inexpensive piece perfectly embodies the Snow White hairstyle.

2. The Dress

Plus Size Snow White Costume Couture, $89.99,

This outfit has everything you never even knew a Snow White costume needed: A cape, glitter, and velour. There's no way you could make something this good yourself.

3. The Shoes

Pointed Court Heels, $40,

Any red shoes would do for this look TBH, but these simple, four-inch heels shouldn't leave your feet hurting too much. Plus, you can easily wear these shoes again in real life, so it'd be silly not to use Halloween as an excuse to buy yourself a cute pair.

4. The Ultimate Accessory

Delicious Apple Bag, $69,

This bag is on point for your Snow White look, practical for your Halloween night out, and incredibly Instagrammable (because isn't that what Halloween is all about?). It totally shows that you put more thought into your costume than buying an outfit and throwing on some red lipstick.

Although homemade costumes are totally my thing, the details that go into a Snow White look totally make it special. Now you just need to find seven short men to follow you around the whole of Halloween and your ensemble will be as authentic as possible.

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Images: Disney; Courtesy Brands