T. Swift & Ed Sheeran Got So Many AMA Nominations

by Courtney Lindley

Drop whatever you're doing, because I'm about to surprise you with some unsurprising news. The American Music Award nominations are in, and what I'm about to tell you will probably come as no shock at all. BFFs Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran dominated the AMAs. No, literally, they cleaned up. Yup, the musical friends received six and five nominations respectively, including both Artist of the Year and Song of the Year, as Rolling Stone reports.

While I wish we lived in a world where both Sheeran and Swift could take home credit for their hard work in the music industry, that won't be the case. And, even though they are up against some tough competition (The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa), chances are that these two will take home at least a few of those AMA statues when the time comes. Because, come on, how could they not? It's Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. All they do is win, win, win, no matter what.

And, if watching these two and their endless support of one another's careers is indicative of anything, it's that the pair will probably celebrate those wins for days, (as we the nation collectively come together and squeal at their next level BFF realness). Sure, we might be jumping a bit ahead here, but the anticipatory excitement on what kind of posts we'll see on social media between the two just needs to be discussed. So, seriously, when Swift and Sheeran win all the things, how will they celebrate together? Let's speculate (read: prepare to be envious of their friendship for the 7,843th time).

1. Compliment Each Other

KILLED IT (on the compliments). So cute, it hurts.

2. Drink Tea Together

Pop champagne? Maybe. But brew tea? More likely. These two like to keep it low-key, you know?

3. Make Jam / Make Jokes

Clearly, a reprisal of this jam is necessary, post-win.

4. Hang Out With Swift's Cats

Olivia and Meredith always look really excited (read my sarcasm), but there's no better way to celebrate success than to pretend like your animals care.

5. Sing "Everything Has Changed"

Everything has changed, i.e. Swift and Sheeran are musically taking over the world. OK, I guess it's been that way for a while, but, really, this was a huge year for them both.

6. Needlepoint Things

Started from the bottom, now we here. This one is all too prophetic.

Catch the pair at the American Music Awards, Sunday, Nov. 22.

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