Taylor Might Beat Out An Iconic Star In AMAs Wins

by Daniela Cabrera

Joe Jonas and Charlie Puth stopped by Good Morning America Tuesday morning to reveal the 2015 American Music Award nominees. In a not-so-shocking twist, Taylor Swift leads the pack with six nominations. And one of the lucky males in her squad, Ed Sheeran, is trailing closely behind with five nominations. The Weeknd also continues his killer streak this year with an honorable five mentions, and seeing as he's appeared on stage with T. Swift and is dating #girlsquad member Gigi Hadid's sister Bella, it seems like Swift is an unstoppable and omnipresent force in all areas of popular music. With her six nominations, Swift could set a record for the female artist with the most AMA wins, and if so, she would join very impressive company at the top.

To date in her career, Swift has already won 16 (!) AMAs, which is super impressive, considering her young age. The only female artist with more trophies is Whitney Houston, who earned a total of 21 wins. And when you're in the same league at Whitney Houston, you have got something good going for you. So if Swift were to win every single one of the awards she was nominated for this year, she would beat out Houston as the most awarded female artist ever at the AMAs, and at the young age of 25.

Swift is no stranger to setting records, breaking them, and setting them again. At this point, winning things is as easy for her as writing hit records and #1 songs. Back in 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records honored Swift with the title of "Most simultaneous US hot 100 hits by a female" after 11 of her tracks continuously stayed on the Hot 100. The only other artists who have topped this number are Drake and The Beatles, who are tied at 14 songs each. After the chart-topping release of 1989 in November 2014, Swift became the only woman to have three albums sell more than one million copies in one single week (the others are Red and Speak Now). And, oh yeah, remember when her video for "Blank Space" became the fastest video to reach one BILLION views on Vevo? No big deal.

What is most inspiring here is that although she is repeatedly being nominated and awarded next to some of her extremely talented male counterparts, Swift is completely in a league of her own. She has performed on the charts just the same, if not better, than some of the most legendary performers in music history. Regardless of whether you are a fan of her songwriting or antics, Swift is proving herself to be the future of pop music, male and female.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now, although she might not win all of her categories on Nov. 22 when the AMAs air, I have a strong feeling that Swift will definitely go home with at least half of her noms. The chances of her tying Houston are strong, and whether it's this year or next or the one after, she will probably still be under the age of 30 when she does it. The only hurdle left after that in her record-setting AMAs career is the incomparable Michael Jackson, who had 26 AMA wins under his belt. At this rate, it sounds like it'll be just a short matter of time before Swift gets to check that one off her list, too.

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