How To Get Glowing Skin In The Winter

Winter skincare is probably one of the most challenging aspects of winter beauty. Everyone loves to embrace the darker hair colors and adorable layered fashions, but with cooler weather comes dry and dull skin. That's why you need to know how to get glowing skin in the winter, and ARCONA Spa Manager and skincare extraordinaire, Allison Marks, gave us the best advice on how to prevent your skin from becoming lifeless during the cold season. Despite the dry air and snowy conditions soon to come, there are ways to prevent and treat dull skin to ensure that your summer glow stays gorgeous year round.

While many — myself included — may assume that dullness in the winter is the result of the weather, according to the experts at ARCONA, that's not the case. Instead, your own skincare routine may be to blame for the sad state of your skin. Marks says, "Dullness is often from a lack of exfoliation. It may seem counter-intuitive to want to exfoliate when your skin feels dry but you need to get rid of the layer of dry skin so your hydrator can penetrate. If you skip exfoliation, your hydrator cannot penetrate through the layer of skin that needs to be exfoliated off." Thankfully, ARCONA has incredible products to help get that layer of dry skin gone. Plus, there are some great tips out there on how to best exfoliate your skin.

Not exfoliating isn't the only thing that could be causing your dull skin. There is definitely a link between your diet and the way your skin appears. In regards to foods you should avoid and embrace, Marks says, "Avoid dairy, but if you do indulge, try to eat organic and consider dairy as more of a condiment. Dairy can really aggravate acne prone skin." Guess we'll all have to eat cheese pizza more sparingly until spring! Allison does suggest drinking green juices (without fruit) and to avoid gluten, processed, frozen, and salty foods if possible. However, she didn't just focus on diet. Lifestyle will really help your skin glow as well! Marks says, "Hiking (with SPF & a hat, natch!), yoga, and regular exercise assists in detoxing the skin and in creating a glowing complexion."

Marks does recommend getting facials to help boost your glow. They not only increase hydration and rid you of dull dry skin, the massage also brings blood flow to the surface, making you look glowier. However, if you can't get to a salon, ARCONA has tons of incredible products you can use at home to get incredible, glowing winter skin.

ARCONA Mandarin Brightening Peel

$78.00, Arcona

ARCONA Raspberry Resurfacing Peel

$68.00, Arcona

These were recommended by Allison as great at-home treatments to exfoliate and hydrate your skin during the winter.

ARCONA Basic Five

$234.00, Arcona

The ARCONA Basic Five is a perfect way to maintain great skin year round. Of the system, Allison says, "The ARCONA Basic Five, the foundation to our skincare product range includes a PM AHA (Gentle Solution/The Solution) that are “married” to our Gommages. Our gommage scrubs gently polish off skin cells the PM AHA Solution brought to the surface overnight."

ARCONA Youth Serum

$90.00, Arcona

If you're looking for glowing skin this winter, this product is one of the incredible ones that Allison recommended. She says, "Youth Serum, ARCONA’s Vitamin C Antioxidant serum not only stimulate collagen and elastin but vitamin c has the added benefit of brightening the skin."

ARCONA Wine Hydrating Mask

$42.00, Arcona

Allison explains that, "adding a hydrating mask at home is a winter month essential," and recommends the wine hydrating mask from ARCONA.

ARCONA Night Worker

$52.00, Arcona

Finally, Allison recommends Night Worker, a night-time serum, "that is deeply nourishing and Brightening. Night Worker has a peach, pumpkin, apricot scent coupled with gently exfoliating, brightening Lactic Acid."

If you were concerned about your winter skin woes, worry no more. You've got everything you need to rock a summertime glow in the colder months.

Images: Courtesy of brands