Cheerleading Toddler, "Zeexhie" Garcia, Will Wow You With Her Killer Moves — VIDEO

How old were you when you first learned to stand on your dad's hand? As reported by Indiana's WTHR, a pint-sized cheerleading toddler named Zianne Angierein "Zeexhie" Garcia has been taking the Internet by storm with her daddy-daughter cheerleading routine, and I'm really feeling like I've wasted my life right now. The toddler's parents, both former cheerleaders, say they started teaching Zeexhie acrobatics when she was just an infant. She can balance on her father's hand, hold one leg in the air, and do various poses (her favorite is the Superman pose, where she stretches both arms out in front of her like the caped crusader).

Zeexhie's dad, Renier Garcia, has been sharing videos of the routines on Facebook, to the delight of thousands, according to WTHR. After getting picked up by popular page Filipino Vines, the latest video now has nearly 50,000 views. It's impossible to look away as the smiling tot, still in diapers, gets flung into the air repeatedly by her brave daddy, displaying more grace and poise than I, a grown adult, will ever be able to accomplish. Although the low ceiling height will make you cringe, just remember that little Zeexhie is a consummate professional. She knows what she's doing; don't worry.

Renier Garcia on YouTube

If that just blew your mind, I am right there with you. But apparently two-year-olds performing complicated cheer routines with their daddy is nothing new. Emerson Decker, second-cousin to Brooklyn Decker, the actress and model, has also been balancing since before she could walk. The little acrobat and her cheer coach dad, Andrew, went viral last year thanks to the Vine account Cheer Vine, racking up nearly 40,000 likes and an astonishing 20 million views.

Andrew regularly shares photos and videos of Emerson's impressive skills on her Instagram account, little_flyer_1. People took notice once cousin Brooklyn shared a post, some worrying about Emerson's safety. Andrew tells Fox News that he'd never let her fall, and after all, Emerson's been doing this cheerleading thing since she was three months old. Three months old.

So what are you doing with your life?

Image: Renier Garcia/YouTube