Reddit's Creepiest Stories From People Who Spend A Lot Of Time In Seclusion Will Make You Never Want To Be Home Alone Again

Well, friends, it's time for another AskReddit thread, and this time, it's all about the spooky scary. Because Halloween and stuff. This time around, the intrepid Redditor who posted the query sought out the creepiest things people have witnessed while in seclusion, and hi, hello, I'm never turning my lights out again.

The official question was as follows: "Redditors who spend a lot of time in seclusion (at sea, in the air or out in the wilderness), what's the creepiest or most mysterious thing you've seen, found, or experienced?" Now, as a true extrovert, just the concept of long-term seclusion freaks me out. Like, no one to talk to? Ever? That sounds terrible. I'm already doubting how anyone could put themselves through that voluntarily. (Introverts, please don't send me hate mail because of my bafflement.) In any event, though, Reddit is generally a big fan of creepy, real life stories, so this topic is a nice variation on a common theme.

Here are the 10 most unnerving stories in my very scaredy-cat opinion. I would suggest reading them with all the lights on, while cocooned in bed with all your doors locked. Or at night outside alone in the woods, which is apparently how all these people seem to ENJOY SPENDING THEIR TIME. Whatever floats your boat. Or knocks on your boat. (This will make a lot more sense if you keep reading. I promise.)

1. Mystery Mythologically Giant Farm Animals

I can actually vouch for this one. I have a lot of family in rural Georgia and Alabama and people get killed by wild pigs and boars on a fairly regular basis.

Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous. That's why I don't live there.

2. Mystery Phantom Glowing Eyes

Why would you go out into the forest alone late at night with no eletrcity?! Why would you do that?! For stars? Stars won't help you when you get mauled by mystery cats, man!

3. Mystery Man in Mystery Distress

... What?!

Glad you elaborated. Also not glad at all.

4. Mystery Underwater Knocking

I am not familiar with roughly 40 percent of the words in this story since I am from Ohio and have been on a boat maybe once in my life, but maybe the knocking was a mermaid? Just a suggestion.

5. Mystery Stalker-y Mountain Lion, Not Man

Which is probably worse, to be honest. Because you can't reason with a mountain lion and they will kill you faster. Also just going to put it out there: Anywhere that's rural is dangerous. That's what I'm learning from these stories.


The follow-up description of your compound did not, in fact make, me any less suspicious of you, dude.

7. Men Are Just Mysteriously in Distress A Lot, I Guess

It is in the middle of the afternoon and I'm too scared to get out of my bed right now.

8. Mystery Home Invader


9. Mystery Aliens, Maybe?!

OK, well, I believe. I believe for sure now.

10. This Is Too Scary for a Headline


Conclusion: I am never, ever, ever leaving my bed ever again in my entire life.

Images: sanna.tugend/Flickr; Giphy