Rabbit Chic Is Anna Wintour-Approved

Is "rabbit chic" a new trend this fall and winter? It may very well be and if so, it's being ushered in by an unlikely source. Vogue editress Anna Wintour wore a red dress with rabbit print and it was insanely chic. It was also uncharacteristically playful for the fashion bible doyenne.

Wintour's look is normally signature and serious, as it should be. She is Vogue's editor-in-chief. She can always be counted on for impeccable fit and tailoring, strong prints and cuts, her center-parted and banged bob, and oversized sunnies.

I don't usually associate Wintour's style with any sense of whimsy or playfulness, but that's just what this dress was all about. The print softened her quite a bit, without being cutesy. That's not easy to do! Anna Wintour doesn't "do" cute and this dress was not cute; it was classic.

The strong, blood red color of the frock and the fact that it was rabbit silhouettes, instead of rabbit characters with defined features, kept it from veering down the wrong sartorial path. This wasn't Bugs Bunny, people!

Wintour, who was ambushed by prankster at Paris Fashion Week, wore the rabbit print dress to designer Donna Karan's book launch event.

Have a look at the frock below. Who said that rabbits and bunnies were the sole domain of the Easter season? Screw that!

With one dress, rabbits have become chic. We are entering the era of "rabbit chic." Thanks, Anna!

Love rabbits? Want to wear something with rabbit print? Well, guess what? You have options and they are more playful than Wintour's dress, which most of us likely can't afford anyway.

This plush onesie is perfect for a Netflix night at home. It's more Miley Cyrus than A. Wintour, but who cares? It's fun! ($28,

How about an off-the-shoulder, rabbit headshot sweatshirt? The shape is super feminine and it would work with leggings, skinnies, a mini, a pencil skirt, and more. Versatile! ($56,

If you love bunnies and rabbits so much that you are willing to shell out a few hundred for an investment piece, this McQ sweatshirt is it. ($295,

This rabbit cardigan may seem a bit too granny chic at first. But it could add a touch of whimsy to a monochromatic professional ensemble or a simple LBD at work. If it's cold in your office, you can toss this over your shoulders, leaving it unbuttoned. ($24,

This pink top has rabbits everywhere! ($68,

Rabbit chic could totally replace cat chic this year and next.

Images: Vogue/Twitter (1); Courtesy of Forever 21 (1); Etsy (1); McQ (1); OASAP (1); Hinge (1)