8 "Unflattering" Clothes Every Woman Should Own In Their Wardrobe — PHOTOS

Fashion is one way to express who you are to the world, and your wardrobe shouldn't be defined by what others consider attractive. From harem pants to baggy sweaters, there are oodles of "unflattering" clothes every woman should own. Clothing isn't about attraction, it's about expression. Embrace what you love to wear!

One of my favorite women who lives by this rule is Leandra Medine over at ManRepeller. I had the privilege to meet the queen of no effs given last month at an event, and she of course looked amazing in a romper and a men's button-down shirt that she turned into a skirt. Medine was also rocking a'90s-inspired clipped hairdo, golden strappy heels, and chunky bauble earrings. I'm willing to bet she didn't let outside forces influence a single part of that epic outfit.

The "unflattering" pieces below are ones I personally rock on the daily, despite my boyfriend occasionally shaking his head. Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy wearing a certain little red dress I know he finds hot, but certainly wouldn't tailor my wardrobe solely to please someone else. Sorry boyfriend, but my boyfriend jeans and I are never, ever breaking up.

Here are the eight "unflattering" pieces every woman should own!

1. Harem Pants

(Curve Trousers, $39.41, ASOS)

Flowy, fun, and basically formal sweatpants. What's not to love?

2. Boyfriend Jeans

(Slim Boyfriend Jeans, $79, Urban Outfitters)

Effortlessly chic and always super comfy!

3. Oversized Sweaters

(Oversized Sweater, $49.90, ZARA)

Rocking one right now. Toasty AF.

4. Birkenstocks

(Arizona Taupe Suede, $125, Birkenstock)

I'm pretty sure the only times I'm not wearing Birkenstocks is sleeping or bathing. Otherwise, VIVA LA BIRKIES!

5. Turtlenecks

(Asymmetrical Turtleneck, $5.98, Addition Elle)

Who doesn't want to wear something that's essentially giving them a sweet, warm neck hug 24/7?

6. Ponchos

(Wool Wrap Poncho, $134.36, ASOS)

Good in the rain, even better in selfies.

7. Overalls

(Level 99 Lily Overalls, $99.95, Anthropologie)

I am also guilty of wearing this under my oversized sweater right now (and yes, I'm also rocking my Birkenstocks).

8. Sweatpants

(Running Women Sweats in Heather Grey, $95, outdoorvoices)

When leggings became cool, I could not have been happier. Well, that is until I learned that sweatpants were deemed stylish. Really, it doesn't get better than a pair of sweats and sneakers, ladies and gents.

Image: Urban Outfitters; Courtesy of Brands