You'll Want to Copy Selena Gomez's Fall Sandals

Her new album, Revival , dropped last week and Selena Gomez promoting her latest all around town like nobody's business. She's played The Today Show, given badass interviews about her reinvention — heck, it was even just announced that she'll be performing at the next Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, alongside Rihanna and The Weeknd. At this point, it probably goes without saying that she's performed/will perform all of the above tasks whilst preternaturally well-dressed (after all, the fashion girl killed it in the Louis Vuitton front row as of late).

Yes, as part of her promotional tour, Gomez has been showcasing some of her best street style to date — whether she's leaving her hotel for a night on the town, or making her way to a radio interview, she's always dressed to kill. Perhaps most memorably, she wore a David Koma netted minidress (a dead ringer, almost, for the one Bella Hadid recently wore to her own birthday party), and a thigh-high-slitted skirt/crop top combo. Both ensembles were ultra on point, and they had one particular thing in common (besides fabulousness, of course) — a cooler-than-cool pair of sandals. Let's take a look at the outfits in action:

In Markoo in NYC

Now, that my friends, is how you work a leg slit.

In David Koma in NYC

Really, it's no wonder that Gomez has a lucrative contract with Pantene; her hair (like the rest of her styling/outfit) is seriously on fleek.

Two to-die-for outfits, both styled to perfection with some truly great statement sandals. Interested in copying her look? Luckily, there are lots of similar styles available all over the World Wide Web (for much less, of course). Here are a few options to get you started on your autumnal sandal collection.

1. Block Heel Sandals

RAFFY Block Heel Sandals, $110,

2. Nixon Sandals

Nixon, $75,

3. 2 Part Block Heel Sandal

New Look 2 Part Block Heel Sandal, $35.81,

4. Yoselin Sandals

Yoselin, $65,

5. Platform Sandals with Track Sole

Platform Sandals with Track Sole, $89.90,

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Images: Courtesy Brands