Actually Funny & Unique 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Halloween Costume Ideas (Holy Cow!) — PHOTOS

Don't you dare try to tell me that the Fifty Shades of Grey book and film didn't eventually get the best of your curiosity. Ahead of the first film, which came out this past Valentine's Day, the Fifty Shades hysteria was in full gear and we all needed to know more about mega babe Jamie Dornan and fresh-faced Dakota Johnson, who would be bringing these characters to life. At least for me, Fifty Shades was a huge guilty pleasure given that the book contained some quotes and scenarios that were almost too absurd to even take seriously. As Halloween season approaches — and becausea film-themed costume is always a good idea — I thought it'd be fun to take another spin on the series and come up with some unique and funny Fifty Shades of Grey costume ideas that only the biggest fans will appreciate.

When the Fifty Shades book hysteria was its highest, it was almost guaranteed that you would bump into someone with a Christian Grey costume. But Halloween is a time to show of your skills with clever puns, so I am here to scour the film and books to give you some fresh Fifty Shades costume ideas that'll get you a lot of attention (and maybe a new boo) on Halloween night.

Anastasia Steele's "Inner Goddess"

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This reference will make total sense to those Fifty Shades fans who actually read the books. One of the most used images that comes up in the book is that of Anastasia Steele's "inner goddess," the naughty voice in her head that goes along with Christian Grey's wishes. Cosmopolitan counted 57 instances of the inner goddess doing strange things like, "jumping up and down, clapping her hands like a five-year-old."

The first step to become the inner goddess yourself is to get a long, flowing (preferably white) dress as the base for your goddess. The one above at ASOS is ideal as well as this one I found at Urban Outfitters. The best thing about these is you can use them again! Since we want to reference the grey shades here, it'd be best to accessorize with silver touches and get as creative as you wish.

These Forever 21 sandals add a little whimsy and would look awesome paired with this F21 chained belt. I'd suggest putting loose waves in your hair and braiding a few select pieces for a romantic feel, and topping it up with a headband or chain head piece.

Handcuffs, $6, Amazon

Now, how do we bring Steele's inner goddess to life? To bring the spirit of Christian along with you, put fake handcuffs on one of your wrists and carry along a copy of one of the books. The book will double as a convenient way to keep track of the quotes you will recite to innocent bystanders such as, "My inner goddess pole-vaults over the fifteen-foot bar." Don't drink too much tequila and try to make that happen, though.

Christian Grey's "Red Room"

We all know that the main story here is Christian Grey trying to lure Anastasia into becoming his submissive in his Red Room. This costume will be a lot of fun if you are into body paint and lugging around a lot of props. You can get a full red spandex catsuit, like this $35 one from Halloween Costumes.

Leather Body Harness, $49, Etsy

Add a pair of red strapped pumps (or flats, if you're a #cozygirl) to finish off the red attire. Next, the most important part is to decorate yourself with various harnesses and/or tassels that would be found in the Red Room. This Etsy store has this ideal leather body harness, and they also sell hand harnesses and harnesses for shorts. The more harnesses the better!

Leather Whip, $5, Mallatts | Red Costume Wig, $25, Party City | Christian Grey T-Shirt, $33, Spread Shirt

You should also definitely get yourself a whip, like this Indiana Jones-inspired one, and hang it around your neck for future use. Complete the look with bright red lipstick (Mind Control by MAC is great) and a red costume wig. For an added bonus for reference, have a friend or Christian Grey dressed man rock this t-shirt from Spread Shirt ($30.49) and hopefully get some shout outs while he walks beside you.

Anastasia's "Holy Cow!"

Anastasia sure has a lot of catchphrases, doesn't she? One of her favorite things to say as an exclamation, yes, even during sex, are variations of "Holy Cow/Crap/Moses." It may be because of her innocence, but she tends to sound really corny and unnatural given the fact that she's now a submissive in a sex dungeon. But, I digress. What we're going to attempt here is a "Fifty Shades of Holy Cow." You might be the only one in existence, but that's you want!

Black Adhesive Felt, $1, Michaels | Cow Costume Set, $7, eBay

As the base of the cow, I suggest a dark grey catsuit like the one above (EFunLive, $13.74). You can make the cow spots by using black adhesive felt from Michael's and placing them randomly around the suit. The next step is be to get your cow ears and tail. There are plenty of these sets available at costume stores, or you can order one like this on eBay for about $7.

Angel Wings, $12, Wholesale Halloween Costume

Now you need to get holy. There is an angel wing and halo set also available on most costume shops, and this wholesale store has one available for $12. If you throw all of this together, you have a grey holy cow, but I think to really get the point across, you might need to carry a copy of Fifty Shades. (Again, it's great for pulling out those quotes!)

Anastasia Steele: Hardware Store Employee

moviemaniacsDE on YouTube

Ah, yes, the infamous scene where billionaire playboy Christian Grey tracks down a college student working at a hardware store. Christian had come in to buy his, um, "supplies" and an unsuspecting and nervous Anastasia needed to help him out. While most girls might go as the glammed up version of Steele, the one before she gets swooped into Grey's arms should be honored. The look is fairly simple. Snag yourself a simple bluish-green plaid long-sleeved top like this one at Target, and throw it opened over a simple white t-shirt.

Green Apron, $3, Chefs Closet | Cable Ties, $11, Home Depot | Masking Tape, $3, Home Depot | Rope, $8, Home Depot

Then, you need a green work apron. Here is a $3 one from Chefs Closet, or you can ask a Starbucks barista friend to help you out for the night. Add a name tag or just pin a paper with your name — "Anastasia" — on to the apron. You can find all the only accessories you need at Home Depot. Grey asks for cable ties, masking tape and rope, so you should definitely stock up on those three.

As with the previous costume, having your own Christian Grey at your whim would be ideal. Either a friend or significant other should rock a dark grey sweater, like this one from H&M, and should follow you around and stare at you intensely all night — so make sure you like them enough.

To get you even more in the Halloween spirit, check out the PSL PSA from Scream Queens star Abigail Breslin below!

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