5 Sex Toys Guys Like As Much As Women

You probably think of sex toys as a part of your solo time. A rabbit is girl's best friend, and it's definitely associated with masturbation. But there's a whole new world out there if you use sex toys as a couple. The thing is, it's not always that easy to get started.

Because, let's face it. Some guys can feel intimidated and emasculated. A lot of sex toys are phallic, and having a direct comparison there isn't particularly nice for anyone. But the best sex toys have come a long way from just a plain old dildo or rabbit. There are lot of more creative options which will feel good not just for you, but for your partner as well. Some are unusual takes on the traditional sex toy, while others are designed specifically with a couple in mind. It's worth going into your local sex shop and having a chat with the person on the floor— in my experience they are some of the most open, helpful, and friendly people you'll met. And they'll be sure to help you find something that works for you as a couple.

To get you started and trying to find out the type of things you may be interested

1. Disposable Cock Ring

This is a great beginner's option. If you don't want to go to a sex shop, you can buy this with a pack of condoms and no stress. Something like the Durex Vibrating Penis Ring can be bought at a lot of places you'd be shopping anyway, and it's an inexpensive sex toy so you don't feel like you're making a commitment. You both get the vibration, he gets the added pressure of a cock ring.

Durex Vibrating Penis Ring, $10, Walmart

2. We-Vibe 4

The We-Vibe is a really popuar couple's one. I mean, it was "we" right in the name. It comes with lots of vibrating options to get your G-spot and your clit. One of the best parts is that it has a remote control, meaning you partner can be in control and give you a surprise buzz, which is super sexy for both of you.

We-Vibe 4, $87, Amazon

3. Sqweel GO USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Stimulator

You'll love it because it's literally a cunnilingus machine. Like a thousand little battery operated tongues. It's the machine of your dreams. He'll love it because it give his tongue a break during a long session. It's a win-win.

Sqweel GO USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Stimulator, $25, Amazon

4. Hello Touch

This is your normal sex, but amplified. The finger tip vibrators aim to mimic natural touch, but intensified, so neither of you feel like there's an intruder in the bathroom. Either of you can wear it and play around, so it feels less like he's just using something to get you off. Try a massage, and then up it to foreplay.

Hello Touch, $35, Amazon

5. LELO Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg

The classic vibrating egg. This is an expensive one that people rave about, although there are lots of other option. But the benefit for spending the money is larger range than a lot of other vibrating eggs— meaning your partner can control the vibrations even further away when you're out and about. He'll love being able to give you a (deeply sexual) hello, and you get all the vibe-y benefits. And, for something less sexual, it doubles as a body massager. Who doesn't love massagers?

LELO Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg, $117, Amazon

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