Who Plays Enid On 'The Walking Dead'? Katelyn Nacon Is One Talented Teen — PHOTOS

We have a lot of questions about Enid on The Walking Dead and I’m a little worried we aren’t going to like what we find out. Katelyn Nacon plays Enid, the mysterious teen Alexandria Safe-Zone resident who has become a sort of major character all of a sudden because Carl definitely wants to be more than friends. There are rumors floating around on the Internet that Enid is actually part of The Wolves, a group of bad guys we’ve only seen glimpses of thus far. The new Season 6 clip shows Enid slipping into a car and writing “JSS” in the fog of the window. Last season, one of the presumed Wolves that attacked Lenny said, “Just Stand Still.” For Carl's sake, I hope the Internet is full of crap. Even Carl deserves to find a lady friend.

It’s probably pretty lucky that actress Katelyn Nacon hails from Atlanta, Georgia, where The Walking Dead famously shoots every season of the show. Nacon landed her role at the end of the last season and seems to be an important role going into the sixth season. Although we don’t know Enid’s age on the show, in real life, Nacon is 16 years old and began acting in stage plays when she was three years old. In 2014 she had a one-episode role on ABC’s Resurrection and from there she landed her Walking Dead role. I would say she’s got a long career ahead of her.

So what else do you need to know about Nacon?

Too Many Cooks

Adult Swim on YouTube

This might be the most important fun fact about Nacon. Remember last year when someone discovered Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks, the parody on '90s show intros? If you never saw it, then stop reading this article and watch it now. It went viral and has 9 million YouTube views. Nacon was one of the many people in that ridiculous, but super amazing video.

She’s A Musician

When she’s not killing zombies, Nacon is singing. She released an EP with five songs that she wrote herself. She sings at different places around Atlanta and you can find all of her music online. She also plays the ukulele, which she often posts videos of for her Instagram page.

She's An Average Teenager

After creeping through her social media, Nacon really just likes to hang out with her friends and be a teenager. Since it’s her first major role, she still has the luxury of going about her day like a normal person. Enjoy it while you can, girl.

She Really Likes Cookies

I mean, who could blame her? This video shows that she and her family do not mess around when it comes to baked treats.

She’s A Rolling Stones Fan

While other kids are riding the Bieber train, you can find Nacon hitting up a Rolling Stones concert with her pals.

She’s A Theater Girl

According to her resume, Nacon performs at theaters around Atlanta and has played major roles including Penny Piggleton in Hairspray and Cinderella. She has also been in stage productions of Titanic, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Annie, The Music Man, and The Snow Queen.

Images: Gene Page/AMC