A Zombie Karl Lagerfeld Costume Has Spooky Style

Karl Lagerfeld is easily one of the most recognizable men in fashion. With his signature suit, glasses, and pulled back hair, it's hard to miss him if you keep with fashion at all. His recognizability is what makes a zombie Karl Lagerfeld Halloween costume perfect for the spooky season. It's a great way to be both stylish and in the Halloween spirit. After all, Chanel is one of the most iconically fashionable and chic brands, so why not take the house's leading figure and make your costume both stylish and scary?

Halloween costumes are on everyone's mind at the moment. Whether you're looking for a great pun or a super pop culturally relevant look, there are tons of ideas out there for you. The most important lesson of Halloween costume planning is to take a close look at what you're wearing. Every year, the streets are inundated with culturally appropriative costumes that overly sexualized or disrespect the cultures from which they come. Huge celebrities have been guilty of donning attire that is appropriative. Katy Perry and Selena Gomez have both been guilty of adopting attire that is inappropriate — Perry has dressed as both a geisha and Gomez had donned bindis and saris. While appreciating the beauty of a culture is one thing, Amandla Stenberg describes appropriation versus exchange far better than I ever could.

What does this all boil down to? Avoid being disrespectful to cultures and be a totally on fleek, totally relevant zombie Karl Lagerfeld.


So what will you need?

Black Blazer

Women's Bi-Stretch Twill Blazer, $26.25, Target

Lagerfeld is almost always rocking a black blazer, and it's an integral part of the costume.

White Oxford Shirt

Classic Oxford Shirt, $24.94, GAP

While the brains behind Chanel does change up his look slightly, a white button down is commonly his shirt of choice under the blazer.

Black Tie

Men's Solid Satin Tie, $15.00, Target

A tie is necessary to this dressed up look.

Skinny Black Pants

Slim-fit Pants High Waist, $24.99, H&M

Black pants are an absolute must, and the best part is that you've probably already got a pair in your wardrobe.

Black Booties

Breckelle's Black Capital Buckle Ankle Boot, $21.99, Zulily

Lagerfeld typically wears a chunky boot with his black cigarette pants, and the best part about these is that they'll keep you warm while you're out on Halloween night!

Black Sunglasses

Women's Rectangular Sunglasses, $16.99, Target

I've got to be honest, I don't know if I've ever seen Lagerfeld without black sunnies.

Barrister's Wig

Men's Vintage Judge Wig, $14.24, Ebay

Unless you've got white hair already, a wig is going to be essential for the Karl Lagerfeld zombie look, and this one is already convenient held black with a black tie.

Black Fingerless Gloves

Black Motorcycle Fingerless Gloves, $12.99, Lollicouture

Gloves are another signature of Lagerfeld's, so be sure to pick up a pair for the costume.

Stuffed White Cat

Plus 9 Inch Long Hair White Cat, $7.99, Toys-R-Us

What's a Karl Lagerfeld costume without Choupette? Incomplete.

Zombie Makeup

Zombie Makeup Kit, $9.99, Party City

Finally, zombify your face with this makeup kit from Party City. Maybe create a few zips in your clothes, too. Don't forget to add that spooky touch to Choupette, and bam — zombie Karl Lagerfeld.

Images: Courtesy of Brands