Kendall Jenner Won PFW With This Instagram Post

She pretty much rules the runways, so it should come as much of a surprise to anyone that she ruled social media during fashion month, too. Kendall Jenner had the most-liked Instagram from Paris Fashion Week, because duh. When you’re part of the #BALMAINARMY and whatnot, that’s just how you roll.

According to Vogue Australia, a photo of Jenner posing with bunny ears in a photo booth is what stole the show this PFW, at least on Instagram, raking in 1.2 million likes. Selena Gomez won NYFW with one of her Insta snaps, but this time around it’s Jenner who is took the queen of fashion week crown. Her friend Cara Delevingne came in at a close second with 1.1 million likes, but nobody owned Paris quite like Jenner did. Runways, parties, retro looks while sightseeing — this girl's feed had it all.

See the photo that won Instagram for the entire fashionable week, plus seven other pics from Jenner’s romps through Paris. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy seeing these so that you can live vicariously through them. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be in this city amidst so many designers, runway shows and street style. For now, I’ll let this model show me how PFW is really done.

This look is bunny-ear-chic.

1. Paris & Vogue

Vogue covers and parisian runways are kind of her thing.

2. Balmain Booty

Just the goings-on of a Balmain party. NBD.

3. Taking A Drive

If I were in her shoes (which are amazing, by the way) I'd be all "Driver, take me to the Eiffel Tower."

4. Backstage At Balmain

Just hanging out backstage at Balmain.

5. Play Time

There's nothing like taking a break to support your team.

6. Strike A Pose

She's a pro at this whole modeling thing. No nip slip for her.

Bow down to the queen of PFW.

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