7 Fashion Podcasts To Listen To If You Need Some Style Inspiration In Your Life

If you still haven't gotten on board the podcast train, the time to do it is NOW. Even if Serial or TED Talks aren't your thing, there are a ton of fabulous new fashion podcasts for you to tune into, no matter what your level of interest is.

Podcasts are such an easy way to stay up to date on trends, fashion news, and the day-to-day goings on in the industry. You can listen to them literally anywhere — at your desk, on the elliptical, while you walk your dog — they are the latest and greatest revolution in 21st century multitasking. There is a Podcast out there for any kind of fashionista, from the most casual "I sometimes glance at Vogue" girl to the die-hard, "I buy Vogue instead of dinner" one. Like pretty much everything these days, no matter what fashion-related thing you want to learn or listen to, there's an app for that.

Podcasts are available for download through the iTunes store, or through the little purple iPhone app that kind of looks like a little man being abducted by aliens (if you're anything like me, you had no idea that even existed until someone pointed it out to you, so you're welcome for passing along the favor). Check out one or all of these fashion-forward podcasts, I guarantee you you'll learn something.

1. If You've Always Wanted To Hang Out With André Leon Talley

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Vogue's podcast, which is just as much about American culture and issues as it is about fashion, is hosted by the fabulous ALT himself (you may know Talley as "the guy who sits next to Anna Wintour at fashion week wearing bejeweled capes and fur accessories"). The first episode gives you a chance to be a fly on the wall while he interviews the Vogue Editor-in-Chief herself — a conversation any fashion girl would pretty much kill to be a part of. In case you were wondering, she was wearing Prada.

2. If You Love To Laugh Just As Much As You Love To Accessorize

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The Man Repeller's Oh Boy, hosted by filmmaker Jay Buim, gives you a glimpse into the lives of some awesome women, from both inside and outside of the fashion industry. Interview subjects include author Rebecca Harrington, who wrote the hilarious book I'll Have What She's Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting ; Jordana Kier, founder of organic tampon company Lola; and Man Repeller's own Leandra Medine.

3. When You Need Help Deciding What To Wear

Glamour's What I Wore When features famous women — Bethenny Frankel, Ashley Tisdale, and Uzo Aduba, to name a few — talking about what they wore for some of the biggest moments of their life (think, losing their virginity or winning an Emmy). My personal favorite? Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive discussing what she wore when she gave birth to her first child. It's straight out of a rom-com.

4. If You've Always Wanted To Know What It's Like To Sit In The Front Row At NYFW

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Style Scouting is more than just a front row look at fashion — it offers advice on how to be fabulous in a multitude of different ways from the coolest experts. There's an episode on how to throw a cocktail party, featuring a world renowned chef; how to plan a successful party, with the event-planner responsible for the Met Gala; and how to get in shape with celebrity trainer Ashley Borden.

5. If You're Looking To Be Inspired

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ASOS' My Big Idea features industry insiders talking about their "big ideas," and the decisions they made that changed their lives and shaped their careers. Episodes run under a half an hour, and host Caroline Ferry's soothing British accent will make you want to listen for hours.

6. If You Want An Editor's Eye

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Yahoo Style's Podcast, Unbuttoned, is hosted by the sites editors (including Joe Zee, otherwise known as LC's boss on The City) and gives you insight on all the things in fashion and pop culture that they're willing to give their stamp of approval to. In Joe Zee's own words, "We're not just talking fashion, we're talking style." Interviews include: four CFDA nominees talking about their projects; Amy Odell, otherwise known as my new personal obsession, discussing her book View From The Back Row; and RHONY's Kelly Bensimon talking about her lifestyle blog and playing Cards Against Humanity.

7. If Your Friends Won't Talk Fashion With You

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Fashion Friends will help fill that void. The show features Chicityfashion.com founder Jena Gambaccini chatting about fashion current events with industry insiders, and the conversations sound like two girlfriends talking about their common interests (like Beyoncé's Vogue cover and Kanye's fashion line).

Happy commuting, fashionista. Your day just got a lot more stylish.

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