Chris Pratt In 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Might Be Worth Seeing If You Liked 'Thor'

Usually when there's any kind of news about a Marvel movie, we're excited. Thanks to great actors, the perfect combination of action and comedy, intriguing post-credit scenes and let's be honest, abs, they're always something to look forward to. But with every announcement relating to Guardians of the Galaxy, we're just becoming more and more skeptical, and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy poster release is no different.

It features the Guardians along with a synopsis of the film, and we're not quite sure how to feel about it. On the one hand, star Chris Pratt, as Peter Quill, is looking good. On the other, everyone else is looking, well, bizarre, and the plot summary doesn't really help matters.

The synopsis then goes on to describe that quartet, which includes a raccoon named Rocket voiced by Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana as some kind of green-but-gorgeous alien, Vin Diesel as a giant tree and wrestler Dave Bautista as a hulking bald man with some skin issues. It's probably hard to imagine what these creatures actually look like, so here's that newly-released lineup.

See what I mean? Pratt looks so great it's almost enough to distract you from the aliens surrounding him. But does he look good enough to warrant seeing the movie when it's released this coming August?

Here's something that might help you figure that out — how did you feel in Thor and its sequel when various alien planets, species, and objects were being explained? If your eyes glazed over the whole time, this might not be the movie for you, since it seems to require at least an hour of such explanations. If you didn't mind it and just waited patiently for the return of Thor's biceps and Loki's smile, give Guardians a chance.

After all, any movie that inspired Pratt to go from Parks and Rec's lovably round Andy Dwyer to this deserves success.

Images: Disney, prattprattpratt/Instagram