Turn Your Baby Into A Mini Trump This Halloween

As if babies weren't already cute enough, they're infinitely cuter on Halloween when they're miniature versions of superheroes or ladybugs or even zombies. There's almost nothing a baby can dress up in that would make it less cute... right? Well, it's time to test that theory by dressing your baby as Donald Trump this Halloween. If anything can make Trump cute, then certainly it's your baby, who, by the way, would probably make a better president than the real estate tycoon. And since Trump can be such a big baby himself, it only makes that much more sense to turn your tot into a mini Trump. Luckily, there are some very easy Donald Trump Halloween costume ideas for your baby.

This Halloween, you can just about guarantee that countless people will dress like the Donald, so take a cue from the adult costume ideas and miniaturize everything. Or better yet, you and your baby can both go as Trump and be twins, or your whole family can go as Trump. And if anyone asks why your entire family is dressed like a crazy person, just tell them that you're a collective symbol of how much he's saturated the media and pop culture this past year. It's brilliant social commentary, you see.

But let's focus on your baby. You have several options — there's a pre-made Trump costume for tots, but you can also go the DIY route and customize your baby's Trump costume. Either way, your baby is going to be the most topical baby at the party. But let's hope that his first words aren't anything disparaging toward women or illegal immigrants.

The Pre-Made Option

For just $35, you can turn your baby into a real estate magnate turned presidential candidate who says he's worth $10 billion. Not too shabby. This set comes with a pin-striped suit, white collar, red tie, a stack of money, and a mini briefcase with a fake newspaper. The only thing missing? Trump's infamous mop. Not to worry, there are many options for that.

Windblown Trump

Step 1: Purchase a suit for your baby or toddler, like this formal option ($59.99).

Step 2: Take an adult Trump wig ($14.40) and resize it to fit your baby's head. You can gently fasten it to your tot's head with ribbons.

Step 3: Take stiffening hair gel and run it through a few strands of the wig, so it appears to be disheveled and windblown.

Baseball Cap Trump

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Step 1: Purchase a red baseball cap ($2.33) for your baby and write "Make America Great Again" on it with White Out.

Step 2: Get a dark blazer ($34.99), matching trousers ($25.90), and a white button-down ($24.50).

Golfing Trump

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Step 1: See previous costume for how to make the red baseball cap.

Step 2: Get a greyish-tan windbreaker or jacket ($44.95), a white button-down shirt ($6.49), a sweater vest ($9.60), and khakis ($17).

Step 3: Try to get your baby to hold a mini golf club ($98), but if he or she is fussy, then you might need to affix it to the outfit.

TIME Magazine Trump

Step 1: Purchase a navy blue two-piece suit ($48.83), a white button-down shirt ($10), and a bright blue tie ($9.95).

Step 2: Fasten a stuffed bald eagle ($12.99) to your baby's arm.

Debate Trump

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Step 1: You can use the same blazer and trousers from Baseball Cap Trump or the same suit from TIME magazine Trump and pair it with a red tie ($9.99).

Step 2: Construct a podium and microphone out of cardboard and use straps to hang it around your baby.

Step 3: Grill your baby about their past remarks on women and their knowledge of foreign policy.

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