How To Dress Like A Plus Size Cher

I was only four when Clueless came out — too young to get anything out of the film other than that they all seemed to wear plaid and that teenagers in skirt suits must be a thing. Yet 20 years later, I'm still curious about dressing in a plus size Clueless costume. That is, a plus size interpretation of Cher's insane, covetable, totally perplexing 'drobe. Having spent much of my formative years hearing my sister, eight years my senior, raving about the film, its plot and characters have always sort of stayed with me.

Clueless was and remains a lot of things, amongst them a girl power anthem touching upon everything from coming of age to sexuality to not being afraid of embracing your weirdo self. But it's also stood the test of time, no doubt, for its impeccable costuming and ability to dress adolescent babes in clothes that were youthful yet classic — funky yet totally appropriate for an office job (or after school job, in this case).

If there's one thing missing in Clueless, though, it's a dose of size inclusivity. Protagonists Cher, Dionne, and Tai all share similar body types, and while their sense of style varies character to character, I always felt it would have been nice to get a little representation of other body types thrown in the mix. Fear not, though, because Halloween is the perfect time to make that inclusivity for yourself. Here's how to dress like a plus size Cher Horowitz.

1. The Plaid Co-Ords

Lamentably, it remains incredibly difficult to find plus size plaid skirt suits in a hue that's not quite mustard yellow nor rubber duck yellow but something in between. But why not put a modern twist on your Cher ensemble by stepping out of the color box? This pink ensemble is so Cher, and it's coming from a size inclusive brand that cares about catering to all bodies. Score!

"As If" Two Piece Set, $33, Rebdolls

You can dress the look up with a couple of pink coats to perfect Cher's matchy-matchy aesthetic and stay warm on a chilly October night in the process.

Fur Trim Jacket, $89.99,

Skater Trench Coat, $84, Simply Be

If you're still holding onto dreams of yellow plaid, however, opting for something vintage on Etsy will have you sorted.

'80s Wool Blend Yellow Plaid Suit Jacket, $50, Etsy

2. The Date Night Outfit

If you don't feel like wearing plaid that isn't yellow (blasphemy!), why not try recreating Cher's date night outfit from her evening with Christian? The night might've turned out to be something of a dud, but the slinky, effortless bodycon dress remains a total style maker.

For a more grown up spin on the look, consider opting for something a little more evocative of lingerie.

Vanity Fair Women's Plus Intimates Shapewear Slip, $25, Sears

Full Slip, $50, Kohl's

3. The Wig

Cher's golden locks were a huge part of her aesthetic. She somehow managed to call to mind your favorite Barbie doll, if that Barbie doll had, you know, a bit more personality. Lucky for us, the Internet loves a good lookalike wig, and Cher Horowitz is no exception.

Medium Light Curly Blonde Fashion Wig, $21, Wig is Fashion

4. The Beauty Routine

Perfect for lazy girls or folks who prefer a more natural look, Cher's beauty routine was pretty minimal. A dab of blush here, a swipe of lipgloss there (it was the '90s, dude), some filled-in brown eyebrows, and you'll basically be set.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss, $18, Sephora

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush, $26, Sephora

Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil, $22, Sephora

If you want to emulate a straight size character in plus sizes, don't be discouraged by the costume world's lack of inclusivity. Just say "as if" to that and put your own body pos spin on the beloved look.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy; Courtesy Brands