New Tom Hiddleston ‘I Saw The Light’ Photos Show Off The Actor’s Musical Chops — PHOTOS

If you thought Tom Hiddleston couldn’t stand to get any more dreamy than he already is, take a look at the recent stills that Sony Pictures Classic released of Hiddleston starring in I Saw The Light. The biopic film about the legendary country western singer Hank Williams stars Hiddleston as the legendary crooner, and actress Elizabeth Olsen as his fellow musician and wife, Audrey Mae Williams. So far, it’s been painful to wait for images or trailers from the movie — the only thing we've seen of the film are a few clips that have been widely released — so seeing these stills land in my inbox with a sigh of relief and a squeal of delight. Trust me, if you're a Williams fan or a Hiddlestoner, you're going to love them: They give a whole new look into the film, specifically just how Hiddleston looks in the role of the infamous singer.

And, by the looks of these photos, the British actor does a bang up job of embracing the role, showing off his musical prowess along the way. So, just in case you were worried that the British heartthrob wouldn’t be able to do justice to the country legend that is Williams, I am here to tell you that these pictures prove otherwise:

Hiddleston takes on the musical character so well, he seems to literally be wearing his passion on his sleeve. Really I don’t think anyone has ever looked more like Hank Williams except for Hank Williams himself.

But, Hiddleston’s costuming isn’t the only thing that shows off his musical skills. In another photo, the actor croons into a microphone while playing a guitar. And, even though you can’t hear him play it, you can tell that Hiddleston knows a thing or two by how he’s holding the guitar and how he’s leaning enthusiastically toward the mic. How the actor manages to sink so deeply into each of his characters, to the point where you can barely tell that it is him is beyond me — I’m majorly impressed how entirely he captures the singer’s stance and musical skills in these pictures.

So, for those of you who were skeptical if a pale Brit with curly hair could pull off playing one of America’s most legendary musicians, I have three very simple words for you: You were wrong. Hiddleston looks like a musical natural in these shots, and I, for one, can’t wait to see more.

Image: Sony Picture Classics (4)