Tom Hiddleston Says His Fans & Benedict Cumberbatch’s Fans Should Make Love Not War & For Good Reason

If you consider yourself a die-hard Tom Hiddleston fan, then you probably refer to yourself as a Hiddlestoner. However, if you're more into to Benedict Cumberbatch, then there's a good chance you call yourself a Cumberbitch. Whatever the case, both groups are dedicated fans to each actor. If you've ever thought to yourself, "Hmm... who would win in a fight: Cumberbitches or Hiddlestoners?" Well, I'm going to stop you right there, because there will be no fighting between these fandoms. Tom Hiddleston wants Hiddlestoners and Cumberbitches to make love not war — and he thinks his real-life bestie Benedict Cumberbitch would agree.

Vulture reported the Crimson Peak actor filled in for director Guillermo del Toro at a TimesTalk Tuesday night, where the moderator and New York Times reporter Melena Ryzik asked, "If Benedict Cumberbatch's fan posse, the Cumberbitches, got into a fight with Hiddleston's devout clan, the Hiddlestoners, who would win?" Well, the I Saw the Light actor doesn't even want to think about it, because he doesn't want anyone fighting. He said,

I don't think ... I think Benedict, if he was standing here, we would want there to be no fighting. No fighting involved. Only passion and very much try to inspire love as opposed to pugnaciousness.

Let's give T. Hiddles a round of applause for answering this question the right way. I know this is a probably more of a playful question, but in a way it pits individuals against one another. Thankfully, Hiddleston gave a beautiful answer showcasing that people should always support one another. What's the point in fighting and bringing each other down? There's isn't one.

Also, even though not all Hiddlestoners and Cumberbitches are women, a good portion of both fandoms are. With that said, you can see how women are pitted against each other through this question. Far too often are women made out to be competition for one another, when they most definitely shouldn't be. Women can and should uplift each other.

It's really no surprise that Hiddleston would give this type of answer. I mean, not only does he seem like a really kind individual, but he clearly tries to see the best in everyone.

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