What Happened At Trotter Lake On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? Asher Is Hiding A Huge Secret

Asher Millstone has spent the majority of his time on How to Get Away with Murder making really bad jokes and getting schooled by his fellow classmates. (Do people still say schooled?) He is barely considered a Keating 5 since he was not apart of any of the Sam Keating killing and had no idea about half of the stuff going on around him. But then... well, then we find out something shady happened at Trotter Lake, and Asher is involved. So welcome, Asher, to HOW to get aWAY with murder (that's my Annalise impression). Start taking notes, boy, because I think you're going to need them.

Trotter Lake was teased during the episode when it was revealed Asher was working with the prosecutor, Emily. She seems to be using him for information on Annalise, meanwhile holding whatever happened to Tiffany at Trotter Lake over his head. Asher was seen going to his father (a judge) telling him that he was in trouble and that "it's about Tiffany," and shows him a photo of a girl. (This is the same girl that Emily sent a photo of earlier in the episode, so Trotter Lake and Tiffany are definitely connected.)

Look, I've seen my fair share of teen horror movies to know how this ends. Teens go to rich teens cool cabin near a lake (maybe after prom, maybe just for fun). Everybody is drinking, having a good ole time. THEN BAM. Something happens to one of the teens. And the rest of the partygoers? They're left to cover it up. Now, maybe that's not what happened. I'm hoping that How to Get Away with Murder gives us at least one flashback of Trotter Lake to fill in the blanks.

(Because that's just what we need. A flashback of Asher at Trotter Lake in a spooky setting with almost NO camera lighting, making it impossible for us without night vision goggles permanently affixed to our eyes to see what the fresh hell is going on.)

So what could Asher and his father be hiding about Trotter Lake?

Asher Killed Tiffany

Let's just get right to it. While I don't think that Asher is a malicious killer, perhaps something happened at Trotter Lake that ended with Tiffany's blood on his hands. It would certainly make the most sense as to why his father, a respected judge, would risk his career to cover it up.

Judge Millstone Had Something To Do With Tiffany

While I think that the chances of Judge Millstone being directly involved are slim to none, let's entertain the idea for a moment. Judge Millstone isn't perfect, we learned that in Season 1, so maybe he had something to do with Tiffany dying or being attacked, and Asher wants his dad to know that Emily is blackmailing him about it.

Tiffany Is Not Dead

It is strange to me that Asher felt the need to say "It's about Tiffany," and then show his dad a photo of her. If this were something that was really bad, like Tiffany died and they covered it up, you would think Asher wouldn't need to remind his dad who he was talking about. So, maybe Tiffany isn't dead. Maybe she's alive and well, but knows something very incriminating about the Millstone family.

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