Asher Joins The Game On 'HTGAWM' With Trotter Lake

Welcome to the game, Asher Millstone. After a season of me wondering why Asher was even on the show, he's finally coming around to revealing his shady side just like every other damn person on this show. On Thursday, Asher's meet-ups with Emily, the prosecutor on the Hapstall sibling case, turned a little dark and a little more informative when we learned just why he was helping her get ahead of Annalise. When in the car with Emily, she mentioned "Trotter Lake" which Asher responded in a not-so-chill way. So what is Asher's secret about Trotter Lake on HTGAWM ? My guess is he finally has a reason to be on a show called How to Get Away with Murder and not How to Get Away with Dancing and Sleeping with Your Advisor and Being An Asshole.

During the meet-up with Emily, Asher tried to break free of Emily's control, but she then made it clear that she has something big to hold over him, and whatever it is would basically make it impossible for him to not act as a double agent. Emily mentioned "Trotter Lake" in the car, which caused Asher to freak out. "Shut up with that!" he hollered at her, then accusing her of threatening to threaten him. But then the plot thickened, as this show often does for plots, when Emily texted Asher "Remember Trotter Lake?" with a photo of a blonde girl.

So who is this girl and what does she have to do with Asher? And what happened at Trotter Lake? My Sherlockian guess is that Asher witnessed this girl in the photo (who's name is Tiffany) die at some lake. While that seems very scary-teen-movie plot, it seems plausible that Asher's dad could have helped cover something shady up at Trotter Lake for his son years ago.

Speaking of Papa Millstone, at the end of the episode, Asher visits his dad and says that he needs his help. "It's about Tiffany," Asher says, basically confirming that 1) Judge Millstone knows about Trotter Lake, and 2) Asher doesn't want that information leaking out.

I just hope Asher doesn't get too deep into betraying Annalise because we know how that usually ends for people. I give you 1) Sam, 2) Rebecca, 3) probably a ton of other people we'll never know about.

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC