What's Asher Hiding In Trotter Lake? 'How To Get Away With Murder' Is Getting Mysterious

Until just recently on How To Get Away With Murder, only four of the Keating 5 have really been in peril. However, it seems like there may be more to Asher Millstone than making uncalled for Philadelphia references and getting way too into college football as a grad student. What is Asher hiding in Trotter Lake on How To Get Away With Murder ? Who is Tiffany, and did Asher kill her? That's just one theory, but it has to be something juicy.

We're all in agreement that our mutual obsession with and/or thirst for Matt McGorry IRL makes almost anything his character does on How To Get Away With Murder OK, right? Just checking. Still, this is especially important because Asher could be the one who killed Emily the Smarmy Prosecutor. She might know too much. Just because she's been basically begging to die since the end of last season doesn't mean that there won't be consequences for the characters we actually care about. Sorry Emily... sort of. Anyway, whatever Asher is hiding could be a major key.

The name "Trotter Lake" and saying that you "know what happened" there alone is so ominous, and screams of money covering up a potentially wrongful death. It seems likely that whoever Tiffany is, she died in an accident at Trotter Lake. Once upon a midnight dreary, as we waterskied drunk and bleary... — is it as simple as that? Did this girl drown in Trotter Lake, and Asher is somewhat responsible, but it never saw a courtroom because his Dad's a rich judge? Very very possible.

However, what if Tiffany is a murderer? What if she was sick? What if she was Asher's lost love, the only person he truly cared about? Have his goofy ways been covering up a tragic emotional backstory? Am I too eager to eat something like that up? Maybe! Though, I guess Tiffany could also be his sister and it's a Footloose situation. After all, Asher didn't use a last name when he brought her up to his Dad. All of that said, there has to be something more complicated at play here. Remember when we all jumped to the conclusion that Sam killed Lila Stangard after the How To Get Away With Murder pilot? That gut instinct wasn't wrong, but there was much more to it than that.

Whatever Asher is hiding, it's enough to keep him in line as a mole against Annalise. He's not quite as loyal as Michaela, Wes, Connor, and Laurel (and for good reason), but I doubt that the Trotter Lake secret is going to be a red herring. He feels some guilt or responsibility about something. Whether he's hiding a body at Trotter Lake or something even more sinister at Trotter Lake, it will be sure to unfold and get tangled up with everything else on How To Get Away With Murder.

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Image: Greg Gayne/ABC