12 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas Even Non-Beauty Vloggers Can Pull Off

After a while, the daily makeup grind becomes annoying and dull. Thus, enter Halloween, aka the perfect opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and try out some more creative halloween makeup ideas. And this list is specifically for the girls who aren't fashion or makeup bloggers, because we can't all be so deft with Scotch tape and diagonal makeup brushes. You just need to know how to draw a few curvy lines.

No matter if you work in an office setting or are still in school, drastic makeup changes are typically met with strange looks and/or high-pitched comments that may or may not be vague compliments. At least we have been blessed with an annual holiday where strange makeup choices are not only accepted, but encouraged — the crazier the better.

These 12 creative and clever choices are different from your typical cat whiskers, hollowed-out skeleton cheeks, and bloody drippings that were mastered in the early 2000s. Try these creative Halloween makeup ideas that are appropriate for 2015 and allow your face to be the costume. That's right, forget stressing about what you'll wear this Halloween (because really, have you seen the majority of what's in the costume shop?) and focus on some wicked makeup instead.

1. Baby Doe

Mashable may have a point here. While cats are so 1990s, baby deer makeup could be the new animal to recreate in 2015. And I'm all for makeup that looks like your face was actually altered with plastic surgery.

2. Pop Art

I admire this look because I can't even begin to imagine the kind of patience it took to create those lines and add all the red dots. It looks like Roy Lichtenstein actually painted her face.

3. Trippy

I'm not sure if I'm impressed or confused. While you may not need to be a makeup blogger to recreate this look, I will warn you that a tremendous amount of artistic skill looks like it may be necessary. But it's very creative and very clever. Take the next four minutes to figure this one out.

4. Spider Webs

This look is perfect for a last minute Halloween fix. If you were planning to spend the evening in with Netflix, but then a friend throws a spur-of-the-moment party, just quickly draw some webs on your eyes with liquid liner. No one can accuse you of not trying.

5. Pumpkin Lips

I'm beyond obsessed with the creativity that went into creating this clever idea. Not only will you look great if your mouth is closed, but it will also be so awesome when you're talking to your friends and one minute you're an evil pumpkin and the next minute you're a normal pumpkin. Or just rocking orange lipstick.

6. Werewolf

Layering on a few shades of brown shadow could leave you looking like Jacob Black's sister for the night.

7. Snapchat Filters

Pull out your old clay eyeshadows you've been carrying since you first started wearing makeup and go as the best Snapchat filter to grace 2015. You will leave all your friends laughing.

8. Heisenberg Walter White

All you really need to create this look is brown eyeliner and a fake beard. Pay attention to the facial wrinkles, however. You don't want to age Mr. Walter too much.

9. Edward Scissorhands

As an added bonus to this tutorial, it will help you finally master the art of contouring. If you're willing to spend some time on your makeup and hair, this look is definitely worth the effort.

10. An Eyelid Portrait

If it's difficult for you to determine if your S.O.'s Halloween work party is a dress up event or more of a casual evening together, impress everyone with eyelid art.

11. DIY Facial Expressions

It's like a modern day version of the Nutcracker! Don't feel like smiling tonight because you actually hate Halloween? Let your makeup smile for you.

12. Ursula

This tutorial is very easy to understand, but requires more material than the typical makeup routine. But it's worth it to go as the ultimate queen of underwater evil.

Images: Sara Kalima/Instagram