8 Durrani Popal 'DASH Dolls' Facts That Every Fan Needs To Know About The Honorary Kardashian

Out of all those on DASH Dolls , Durrani Popal has been the one who most closely resembles a real Kardashian, with her almost uncanny resemblance to Kim K. And because of that, she's become one of the most popular characters from the show, between her polished DASH-merchandise looks and her piercing blue eyes, always framed by plenty of eyelash extensions. But there's plenty of other important facts about Durrani fans should pay attention to besides how she looks on the show. Ever since her ongoing feud with Lexie started, Durrani has been struggling to prioritize her job over the drama and maintain her reputation as the ultimate DASH Doll. And, while it does always seem like controversy follows her, somehow, she always maintains her composure, just like her doppelganger. (Unless her diamond earrings got lost in the sea, Kim was always pretty chill on KUWTK).

For Durrani fans, the totally polished image she presents on the show doesn't show the whole picture, so here are a few other things you should absolutely know about Durrani if you're a fan of hers. The best place to get to know Durrani is through her Instagram, since that's where she shares all of her off-camera moments and gives little hints about what she's like when she isn't working at DASH.

1. She Wants To Be A Ghost

Durrani shared some of her kooky side in the third episode of Dash Dolls. She also shared that she's eaten manure and even had to have her mom force her to stop eating it. Durrani has a very pronounced weird side.

2. She's Really Into Sweets

On the show, you'll rarely spot Durrani eating anything other than a salad. But on her Instagram she throws down for some of her favorite sweets.

3. She's Still Trying To Make It Work With Her BF

Even though on one of the first episodes Shalom and Darrani had a serious talk about their families' differing religions, it looks like they haven't let that tear them apart.

4. She Never Wound Up Showing Lexie's Necklace On Her Instagram

Or, at least, the post is so buried that she probably didn't wind up driving many eyes toward Lexie's jewelry line Koko + Amor, so she didn't really do what Lexie was hoping for.

5. She Loves L.A. Sports

High heels might be out of place in any other stadium for any other sport, but L.A. basketball is probably the most glamorous sport there is, with famous A-listers usually snagging the best courtside seats.

6. Her Clothing Line Is Still In Progress

Durrani did a big photo shoot for her clothing line during DASH Dolls, but a recent tweet shows that she's still working on it.

7. She Used To Look Very Different

It's nice to know that even the über put-together Durrani went through a stripes and polka dots phase.

8. When She's De-Glammed, She Kinda Looks Like Alex Vause

Am I the only one getting major OITNB vibes from Durrani's regular look? Whether she's totally decked out as a Kardashian clone or just relaxing in her glasses, Durrani is one of the most popular cast members on DASH Dolls because she has plenty going on underneath her perfect exterior.

Image: Dale Berman, Screenshot/E! Entertainment