What Did Durrani Popal Do Before 'DASH Dolls'? The Jewelry Designer Has Always Been A Star

The Kardashian sisters have changed so much since Keeping Up with the Kardashians originally came on the air that they're now like a group of reality star parents, with the big group of Dash Dolls as their newest children. But the show just started a few weeks ago, so there's not much information out there about what Dash Dolls star Durrani Popal was up to before she joined the store. But some of her biographical details can be gleaned from both her time on the show and her Instagram, where she's documented her transformation from an unknown girl who's great at styling herself to a potential reality star with over three hundred thousand Instagram followers.

Before she was a junior Kardashian, the show reveals Durrani was all over California. She grew up in the Bay Area, and shortly after graduating college, she moved to Los Angeles and got her position at DASH. She's been working at DASH for a while now, and acts like something of a mentor to the newer girls like Caroline and Stephanie. And she's starting the next phase of her career with her jewelry line, which has been featured in DASH. And while Durrani has clashed with some of her coworkers, mostly Lexie, she's still one of the most popular members of the cast. Any Durrani fan will love seeing all of her stages before she emerged as a reality star on Dash Dolls, from her quirks to her surprising Kardashian connection.

She Was Born

As a baby, Durrani was super cute and probably still loved turkey burgers.

She Hung Out With Family

Durrani and her family seem very close — they're close enough that she was worried on Dash Dolls about introducing Shalom to them because of their different religions.

She Went Through An Awkward Phase

I'm sure it was very brief, but through the magic of #TBT, there's proof that Durrani wasn't always perfectly put together.

She Formed An Obsession With Disney

Durrani loves all things Disney, and is always 'gramming from Disneyland or wearing a Disney-themed outfit.

She Looked Kind Of Like Hannah Montana

With her super-dark hair and glossy makeup, Durrani is a dead ringer for her employers. But when she had lighter hair and didn't use as much contour, I think Durrani actually resembled the queen of the mid-2000s, Miley Cyrus' character Hannah Montana.

She Went To Fashion School

Durrani is a college grad and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, which is where she got her passion for clothes and jewelry.

She Met Rob

Durrani's first Kardashian connection wasn't her resemblance to Kim K. or her job at DASH — it was this chance meeting with Rob.

And, Eventually, She Made It To DASH

Now, Durrani is an old pro at DASH, but once upon a time she was a newbie, too. Since Durrani became a Dash Dolls star, she's earned her place as one of the queen bees, but she accomplished plenty of other things before she joined the DASH store — and I'm sure she'll go on to do many more cool things, too.

Image: E! Entertainment (Screenshot)