Who Is Alaia Baldwin? Hailey's Big Sis Is A Model, Too

Step aside, Gigi and Bella Hadid, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner! There's a new pair of sisters who are models erupting on the scene. Hailey Baldwin's big sister Alaia is also model and she just signed a contract with State Management, a brand new modeling agency.

That means we expect to be seeing a lot more of Alaia Baldwin, who is also the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, whether she is strutting her stuff on runways or rocking fab street style.

So, who, exactly is Alaia Baldwin? Let's get to know her now.

It's pretty fitting that Alaia is a model. She shares her name with a seriously luxe fashion brand and designer, known for making gorgeous gowns, like the stunning red frock Rihanna wore at the Grammys a few years back.

Fashionista notes that Baldwin was previously linked with Major Models. But she's not as recognizable as her sister or the Hadids or Jenners. That could all change now. State's mission is to partner with strong men and women who are potential role models. I so co-sign that plan!

According to a press statement, the agency decided to sign Alaia Baldwin since she is "down to earth" and "relatable to all generations."

Baldwin isn't basic nor is she the classic version of pretty. She's got the most intense doe eyes. She's also all about bangs and shaggy layers. Essentially, she's more Kristen Stewart than Kendall Jenner.

Her bangs are bangin'.

No makeup, no problem!

Alaia digs the winged eyeliner. But check out her bone structure. She has such fine features.

Those eyes, though.

She can totally skip eye shadow and eye liner and just go with enhanced lashes. It's all about those peepers.

Her brows are pretty on fleek, too!


Judging from her Instagram pics, we can pretty much wager that we're about to get better acquainted with Alaia Baldwin in the coming months. She's a stunner! I cannot wait to see what campaigns she will front. Something tells me it will be edgy, up 'n' comer brands at first, with some of the more known labels or perhaps Karl Lagerfeld hitting her up down the road. We shall see!

You know, the Baldwin brothers were such a thing in the '90s, since Alec, Billy, and Stephen were considered such handsome Hollywood hunks! In this decade, it's all about those beautiful Baldwin daughters!

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BTW, this is RiRi's red Alaia gown!

Images: Alaia Baldwin/Instagram (7)