Lena Dunham Covers 'Harper's Bazaar' Rocking Major Twiggy Eyes — PHOTO

Get ready to be wowed yet again by an incomparable millennial! Lena Dunham covers Harper's Bazaar , rocking Twiggy-like doll eyes, thanks to her piecey top and bottom lashes. This cover shot is absolutely amazeballs, even though Dunham covers up the lower half of her face with her warm and fuzzy, black turtleneck sweater. The fact that the actress and author conceals her mouth actually calls more attention to those soulful, expressive eyes.

It's almost ironic that Dunham is covering her mouth, since she can always be counted on to deliver witty one-liners or smart dialogue, be it in interviews, on her HBO show, or in her books. She does speak volumes in her personal essay for the mag, though!

Dunham has become the voice of a generation of girls, and of Girls, so it's interesting that you can't see the thing for which she is best known.

However, the body positive Dunham is still completely stunning while fronting the mag's November 2015 issue, even with only half her face being visible. It's a powerful image, because you only see a portion but are still wowed.

Her eyes are major. They are so Barbie-like, thanks to the individual lashes. Her textured pixie cut and those arched, full brows are also fabulous on every level that exists.

It's Dunham's take on Twiggy's signature, '60s mod look and it's flawless.

Her eyes do all of the work in this shot. I can't stop looking at them.

If you want to get Dunham's lashes, well, it's not that hard to replicate this look!

Go with a piece-y set of false lashes, like House of Lashes' Dollface option. The lashes are dense, curled, and separated, which is key to Dunham's look. ($7, houseoflashes.com)

The bottom lashes are also integral to a doll-like look, so you may want to do a row, like House of Lashes Darling Lower/Bottom lashes. ($7, houseoflashes.com)

Or you could also opt for individual lashes to customize your look carefully. Single lashes will certainly enhance the doll vibe of the windows of your soul. ($2, ulta.com)

Finish with MAC Smolder kohl liner on the lower waterline. Try doing dots on the lower lash line, as well, to further enhance that singular lash look. ($17, maccosmetics.com)

Once again, looking good, Lena!

Images: Harper's Bazaar (1); Courtesy of House of Lashes (2); Ardell (1); MAC (1)