'Empire' Star Kaitlin Doubleday Is Throwing A Wedding That Cookie Lyon Would Approve Of

There has yet to be a wedding on Empire, but that doesn't matter because Kaitlin Doubleday is throwing a wedding that could absolutely be featured on the hit FOX drama. In May, the actress known for playing Rhonda Lyon announced her engagement via Instagram. The 31-year-old TV star is marrying Devin Lucien, and they're currently planning their nuptials. While chatting with E! News, Doubleday dished on all the details about her special day. FYI, Cookie Lyon would most definitely approve — you know, when she wasn't putting in her two sense or knocking down a few of Doubleday's ideas. Overall, Cookie would totally have fun at the wedding.

Doubleday told E!, "We're getting married Mother's Day weekend. I'm sorry for all my new moms who are going to be at my wedding instead of celebrating... When you're shooting eight months out of the year and you have four months to make it happen. We don't actually have much of a choice on when it's going to be."

The nuptials will be a weekend affair and it isn't so much about the food as it is about having fun. "I don't care about the dinner so much, even though Devin and I are big foodies... but weddings aren't about food to me," she revealed. "Weddings are about the love between two people, the vows, the speeches, the intimacy you get to see, and then partying and getting drunk. That's what it is."

If that isn't enough, her wedding takes place on Terrence Howard's son's first birthday, in addition to Gabourey Sidibe's. Actually, Sidibe is ready to party it up and joked to Doubleday, "Yes! I just got your save-the-date for my huge birthday party that you and Devin are going to be paying for."

Doubleday's wedding definitely sounds like an Empire wedding, don't you agree?

It's Being Held On A Holiday

Why would anyone from Empire want to host a wedding on a "normal" day of the year? The Lyon family has to be the talk of the town, especially when it comes to a wedding.

She Dress Shopped With Anika

Jeff Schear/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now, I don't know if Rhonda and Anika (Grace Gealey) would go dress shopping together on Empire, but Gealey helped Doubleday try on about 50 dresses in Chicago.

The Wedding Is One Huge Party

Isn't that how a wedding would be on Empire? You know it.

It's Not Just One Night

When it comes to the Lyons, they go big or go home.

The Pre-Wedding Festivities Are Over-The-Top

Doubleday plans on going to Mexico to "eat chips and guacamole," whereas her fiancé wants to do Europe. Talk about fancy, just like Empire.

The Empire Cast Will Be In Attendance

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Need I say more?

So, when do you think I'll get my save the date?

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