A Wedding Party Stuck In An Elevator Proceeded To Slay With Hilarious Selfies — PHOTOS


There is enough to worry about in this world when it comes to your wedding, even more so when your wedding party gets stuck in an elevator. That's what ended up happening to Liz Copeland and Harry Stine on their wedding day. Not only did this couple take a plunge and decided to walk down the aisle, now they had to deal with the fact that the Fire Department needed to rescue them. But do not worry friends, everything ended up fine!

It goes to show you that weddings are truly not about two people getting married. It's about love. And as cheesy as this sounds, there is nothing more powerful to show that love, than to stand in an elevator with your entire family and not kill each other. I don't know, I guess I'm just a romantic or whatever.

Like the newly married couple (spoiler!), I also want to have a very relaxed wedding. I do not see a point of making this whole day about me. I want everyone to have a good time. It's going to me in a forest, picnic style, lots of food and drinks. No need for formalwear. So take it from the couple below and mellow out! Life is too short to stress out over a wedding ... or getting stuck in an elevator at that same wedding.

Phase One: Calm

Look at all the faces! No one is panicking. Everyone seems to be in great spirits. In my head, I would assume there was going to be a wedding IN the elevator. Oh well, there is always my own wedding .

Phase Two: Rescue And More Calm

That face! That is the face of a woman who is not breaking a sweat. Take that, every single wedding reality show ever!

Phase Three: Celebration And Calm

After getting rescued by firemen (ahem, my fantasy come to life), the happy couple got married and started to party. Now that's how you throw a wedding! Intrigue, mystery, a little panic, and dancing.

Images: Pixabay