Are Khloe Kardashian & Durrani Popal Friends? The 'DASH Dolls' Star & Her Boss Share A Lot Of Interests

When Dash Dolls premiered in September, I was immediately fascinated by the latest Kardashian spin-off series. I learned that it takes a lot to become a DASH doll, and that spending your shift taking selfies in the bathroom is not acceptable employee behavior. But I still have so many questions about what it's like to work for Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. I want to know if they run a tight ship or ever hang around the DASH store when the cameras aren't rolling. And, while I don't expect the Kardashians to be best friends with the DASH employees, I can't help but wonder if any trusted workers have managed to befriend the sisters. Specifically, I can't help but wonder if DASH Dolls star Durrani Popal is friends with Khloe Kardashian?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Khloe and Durrani are besties quite yet. The only photos of the two together on Durrani's Instagram come from various DASH retreats. And, while Durrani did have a brief role on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, it doesn't appear that two spent much time alone. But that doesn't mean you should give up on this friendship just yet. Durrani regularly gives shoutouts for #womancrushwednesday to her boss and often posts selfies with Khloe's close friends Malika and Khadijah Haqq. If anyone wants to make this friendship happen, it's Durrani. And it makes sense, after all Khloe and Durrani share a lot of interests that would make them the perfect besties.

1. They Have A Passion For Fitness

If you haven't heard, Khloe discovered a serious passion for fitness and even decided to devote her personal app to it. Durrani is also a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, which means the two could be gym buddies.

2. They Have Killer Hair

I firmly believe that Khloe has the best hair of all the Kardashian sisters, even if she can't do it herself. Meanwhile Durrani regularly rocks stellar locks. While hair might not be the best reason to befriend someone, it's certainly a conversation starter.

3. They Share Inspiring Posts On Social Media

While some people tend to keep their feed full of selfies, there are a few stars who attempt to share something more. Both Durrani and Khloe regularly spread messages of self-love through beautiful lettered quotes and occasional poems.

4. They Post A Lot Of Selfies

I think the saying goes: "Friends who selfie together, stay together." While I'm not sure if that's necessarily true (or a saying at all), I have a feeling it applies to these two.

5. They Share Funny Videos On Instagram

I rarely see videos on Instagram, which I believe is a result of the fact that they get far less likes than still photos. But both of these woman not only dare to post videos, they choose hilarious meme videos.

6. They Both Love Animals

OK, technically puppies. And everybody loves puppies. But still, this is a good reason to be friends.

7. They're Both Business Women

Durrani designs her own jewelry, while Khloe runs her own fashion boutique. I have a feeling the two could easily spend hours talking business.

While Khloe and Durrani may only have one picture together, I have a feeling there's a chance for many more to come. Especially if there's a second season of DASH Dolls.

Images: Still E! Entertainment/ Youtube