Becoming A Dash Doll Is Harder Than You Think

If you have an interest in fashion, looking great, and making lots of friends, then a job at one of the Kardashian's Dash stores might just be for you. This isn't your typical retail job, though, and the application process is likely no exception. Working at DASH takes a whole lot more than a resumé full of retail experience, that's for sure.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians spinoff Dash Dolls is all about the life of, well, a DASH Doll. The women who work at the store live together, work together, eat together, and party together, which makes for quite an interesting lifestyle. Thankfully, you won't need to do all that to get a job at one of the Los Angeles, New York, and Miami locations, but you will need to make it through a long hiring process to get the gig.

Your typical retail interview usually consists of an application, phone/in-person interview, and then a phone call telling you yay or neigh. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, the Kardashians would never let just anyone work at their store, so you'll need to jump through way more hoops than if you wanted a job at your local mall.

The DASH stores cater to the elite, offering styling and personal shopping on top of your average in-store browsing experience, which means high-level associates are needed.

For any of you experienced (or non-experienced) fashionistas looking to apply, you're in luck! DASH's New York location hires interns year-round, but it'll take more than just a resumé to get you through the door. According to a site called DASH Store New York, the first step is to contact a retail casting agency (yes, you read that right) to put you in touch with someone who would arrange an interview. Although this site doesn't seem to be affiliated with DASH or the Kardashians in any way, it makes sense that you wouldn't just file a regular ole application for this position.

According to the site, you'll then be asked to fill out some fairly normal sounding paperwork. Oh yeah, and you'll need to submit a headshot.

There isn't much by way of official comment from the Kardashians on what it takes to land a job at one of their stores, but Kim did say in the first episode of the reality show that image matters. "The eyelashes and it's all the makeup, I mean it's who we are. I love it, she's like a little DASH Doll, she's the doll," Kardashian on camera said about an employee.

If you wind up landing a position, you'll need to be prepared for just about anything. Although most Dash Dolls are pretty average upscale retail associates, there's always a chance they might wind up on KUWTK. The odds aren't likely, but hey, you never know!

We have reached out to DASH for comment on what it takes to land a job at one of their stores and will update this post if they respond.

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