There's More Of Disney's 'Descendants' On The Way

As if there was ever any doubt, Disney officially announced a Descendants sequel, and, yes, you can commence cheering now. Deadline confirms screenwriters Sara Parriott and Josann McGibbon are hard at work on the Descendants sequel right now, which means it won't be too long before you can return to the halls of Auradon Prep and the Isle of the Lost. The movie was a smash hit for Disney, and I know fans both young and well outside the target audience are dying to know what will happen to Mal, Carlos, Evie, and Jay next. Just in case Disney is open to suggestions, I have a few ideas about what would make for a killer sequel.

More villain's kids, more time spent on the Isle of the lost, and more musical numbers to get stuck in your head for days would all be at the top of my list. That's just for starters. I have to hand it to Disney; they've done an even better job of mixing all of their properties in a blender to create a delicious smoothie with Descendants than they even did with Once Upon A Time. The possibilities for Disney-infused fun are endless with this series.

But what should Descendants 2 do to top the first movie?

1. Send The Kids On A Field Trip To The Isle Of The Lost

I want to see a field trip to the Isle of the Lost. It would be so much fun to watch Ben, Audrey, and the rest of students of Auradon Prep actually see the island their parents sequestered all the bad guys in. Not only is the Isle of the Lost full of places to explore, it holds more kids like Evie and the gang who could also use a fresh start and the chance to make new friends.

2. Introduce New Descendants

The animated spin-off Descendants: Wicked City has already introduced two characters who definitely need to make their way to the live-action movies: Jordan, daughter of the Genie, and Freddie, daughter of Dr. Facilier. Personally, I want to see Ursala's child more than any other villain's kid, but, really, the more fresh faces the better.

3. Bring Back Maleficent

Kristin Chenoweth cannot stay a tiny lizard. She is way too cool for that. Also, the whole "her size corresponds with the love in her heart" thing is depressing. Let's have some mother/daughter bonding happen between Mal and Maleficent. I want the villainous parents to realize they do love their kids, because it is pretty depressing to think they have so little regard for Mal, Carlos, Evie, and Jay.

4. Restore Magic To The Isle Of The Lost

Everyone seemed concerned about the fireworks coming from the Isle of the Lost at the end of the movie. Could the villains have regained magic? I hope so, because, if someone locked me on an island with precious few resources, I would be pretty motivated to wreak havoc on their kingdom the minute I got my sweet magic skills back. The people of Aurodon facing an attack — and the idea that they may be no better than the villains they sequestered — would make for a terrific storyline.

5. More Mal & Ben Romance

Of course the Beast's son would see the good in Mal. This second generation romance works on every level and I want more, even if there is some heartbreak along the way.

6. Add A Dash Of Frozen

Things have been all quiet on the Frozen front for some time now, and absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. The blurred lines between good and evil were explored so maturely in Frozen, I would love to see the characters introduce that same gray area to the prep school. Elsa would rock as a teacher, and think of what she could teach the core four kids.

7. More Songs

Hey, a girl only sing "Rotton to the Core" so many times. I need new Disney Karaoke material!

There is no word yet on when Descendants 2 will debut, but at least you can bask in the knowledge there is more singing, dancing, and Disney mashup fun on the way.

Images: Jack Rowand/Disney Channel; Giphy (7)