Will 'Scream Queens' Bring Back Chanel's Nemesis? The Former Kappa President May Not Be Gone For Good, According To Brianne Howey

Not many people can say they've come face to face with the Scream Queens Red Devil and lived to tell the tale. But Brianne Howey, who plays former Kappa president Melanie Dorkess, has proven to be one of the exceptions to this killer rule. In what has to be one of the most memorable Scream Queens flashbacks so far, viewers saw Howey's character suffer from severe burns after a spray tan session went awry. And while these injuries caused her to give up her Kappa House Queen Bee crown, Chanel's former rival is still very much alive, which means there's a good chance that Melanie could return to Scream Queens in the very near future .

During a recent Wet n Wild event, Bustle had the opportunity to chat with Howey — who serves as one of the Global Beauty Ambassadors for the brand — about Red Devil theories, her Scream Queens role and partnership with the Wet n Wild collection. "There are some things that I know," Howey reveals about the Red Devil's identity. "I can't say anything, but it's going to be a great finale." But even though she has to remained tight lipped about any details, that doesn't mean that someone on the internet hasn't already figured it out. "That's what's so funny about the internet. Any possible theory is already out there with all the facts. People are crazed about it."

And while the actress couldn't outright confirm that her character will return, she certainly didn't deny that it's entirely possible. "You never know. I would say stay tuned." I don't know about you guys, but that makes me optimistic that we may be getting another Melanie sighting in the near future. And considering how she probably thinks Chanel is responsible what happened to her, we could have a serious Kappa president showdown on our hands.

As for Howey herself, though, she's nothing like her image-obsessed character. In fact, she didn't even start wearing makeup until well into her teen years. And when she did, she knew just the brand to go to. "I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was 15," the actress admits. "So once I did, I immediately hit the racks and went straight for Wet n Wild because it's so accessible for all ages and there's so many colors, it really pops and grabs your attention." Which is kind of the perfect way to describe Scream Queens itself, if you think about it. Both the products and the show are glamorous and fun… and sometimes leaves you covered in a reddish color. (See what I did there?)

But regardless of who you think the killer may or may not be, Howey suggests you stick to one steadfast rule: trust no one. "I don't think anybody is fully innocent. Everybody has some ulterior motives." And who knows, maybe she's even including her own character in that category. Let the speculation commence!

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