A +Size Carrie Bradshaw Costume For Fatshionistas

When it comes to a putting together a Carrie Bradshaw Halloween costume, there is, of course, a never-ending list of totally iconic outfits to choose from. With the rise in popularity of fatshion and body positivity, I think that a plus size Carrie Bradshaw costume can make quite the statement. In some ways, it can be a subversive comment on the need for a Sex And The City-esque show with more realistic body representations. (Kind of like if GIRLS met Vogue.) Or, you know, it can just be a sign that you're a massive Sex And The City/Sarah Jessica Parker fan and you're not going to let your body dictate who you can dress up as for Halloween.

Choosing which costume would be the most instantly recognizable Carrie Bradshaw look is tough, though, so that's why I have chosen two. At the end of the day, if you carry around a copy of Vogue, have the right wig, and your outfit is on the good side of "outdated early 2000s style," then most SATC fans will be able to spot you from a mile away.

How OTT you go with it is all down to personal preference. Just make sure you get the personality just right and tell strangers about the sex and relationships column you run online.

1. The Looks You'll Be Recreating

When I asked my mates, "What's the most iconic Carrie look?" the instant, unanimous response was obviously "the tutu!" It's weird, though. I mean, the tutu never makes its way into the actual show — only the credits. But it still feels like one of the most well known looks in TV history.

This is my personal favorite outfit of Carrie's from one of the best episodes — you know, the one where she kisses Alanis Morissette! It's all about accessorizing a simple dress with OTT details. So Carrie Bradshaw.

2. The Hair

Curled Wavy Blonde Wig, $18, Amazon

This wig only looks terrifying because it's on a nightmare-inducing mannequin, I promise. Just clip back the bangs for a casual style Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of.

3. The Tutu Ensemble

Spaghetti Strap Cami in Nude, $7, Charlotte Russe | Plus Size Tulle Skirt in White, $89, Etsy | Satin Craft Ribbon, $14, Amazon | Strappy Two Part Heels, $35, Boohoo

Not for a second am I suggesting that you sew a dress out of a cami top, a skirt, and some ribbon. What I am suggesting is that you tuck your cami into this gorgeous skirt and hide the waistband with ribbon. Whether you tie it in the back for your own added touch or simply tuck it in is up to you, but this little hack will turn a skirt and tank combo into a chic Sex And The City look.

4. The LBD Outfit

Mesh Midi Dress, $80, Asos | Large Ivory Flower Clip, $4, Etsy | Lust-2000 Boot in Gold, $37, Amazon

Clip the hair flower onto the front of your dress, zip up your fabulous new boots, and get ready to party. This might not be the most well-known Carrie look, but it's pretty fun for its simplicity yet quirk.

Dressing up as a plus size Carrie Bradshaw might just lead to an intense debate about body positivity and an amazing revisit of you and your best friends' favorite Sex And The City episodes. I can't think of a better night than that.

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Images: HBO; Courtesy Brands