19 'SATC' Outfits So Out-Dated, It Hurts

by Hayli Goode

Though the first episode aired almost two decades ago, we're still mesmerized by ah-mazing outfits on Sex and the City . Most of the costumes were absolutely amazing at the time, but looking back on the show, which was so much more than just sex in New York City, offers some great #TBT style moments so outdated, it almost literally hurts us to remember a time when we thought they were cool. Admittedly, I will binge on SATC while I'm getting ready for a night out with my friends, or a typical day, just to get some OOTD inspiration. But these outfits, while probably great at the time, are a bit too much for my eyes to power through anymore.

Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, and Samantha Jones each had such a great handle on their personal style. Despite being best friends, they each had a distinct fashion M.O. They weren't afraid to take fashion risks for a typical Saturday brunch in Central Park or shopping trips down Fifth Ave. Sometimes their risks were a timeless success... and some of their risks ended up on this list.

Don't get me wrong, if I could dress like any of these girls everyday, I would. Still, from low rise jeans and halter tops to spiky '90s updos, these are the 18 trends from SATC I'm glad have been officially retired.

1. Carrie's Madonna-Wannabe Ensemble

In the opening of the first Sex and the City movie, Carrie's narrated voice led us through the history of when each of the four friends moved to New York City. This was one of Carrie's early fashionable outfits. And there's a lot happening here. Thankfully, corsets are outdated (besides the latest disturbing diet trend), but that tutu skirt can definitely stay (and, SPOILER ALERT: it did survive her closet clean out).

2. Charlotte's Jacket

IMO, Charlotte is the best dressed of the four friends... but nobody's perfect. I'm usually willing to break a few fashion rules if it means a coat will keep me warm through a polar vortex, but a pink jacket with pink fur on the inside is a little too matchy-matchy for this mix and match generation.

3. Miranda's Short-Sleeved Sweatshirt

It's like a T-shirt... trying to be a sweatshirt... trying to be an athletic tee. While I'm sure it was great for her days as a new mother (look, you can stick a pacifier inside that pocket!), I'd recommend Miranda starts DIY'ing her own tees instead.

4. Carrie's Yodeling Outfit

Carrie once said "In New York, they say you’re always looking for a job, a boyfriend, or an apartment..." So maybe during this time, she was trying her hand as a yodeler? You know, just as extra cash so she could afford those Manolo Blahnik shoes.

5. That Juicy Couture Dress

Fellow Bustler Tyler Atwood remembered this dress as a wardrobe attempt to hide Sarah Jessica Parker's pregnancy. Unfortunately, I had that same dress as a bathing suit coverup when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I left it in the past, and there it shall stay.

6. All The Tan Suits...

...unless you're President Obama. Tan business suits aren't exactly the most professional businessman choices, yet certainly not the worst. What's worse is whatever print is featured on that super-thick tie. Studies show leaders choose ties (or not) for certain speeches, based on psychological moods that connected to a print design and colors... so I suppose this guy chose a good look for practically exclaiming his marriage is over.

7. Carrie's Ultimate '90s Getup

I remember when my jeans had ties up the side and when I would only wear shoes I could tie myself (apparently certain types of strings were hard for me), but I'm not sure if Carrie's tightly stringed shirt falls under that category. Thankfully the crop tops of 2015 have abandoned all those laces.

8. Bucket Hats

Uh, maybe it's not because you're alone that people won't come near you. Maybe it's because that hat goes with literally nothing. Besides a boat and a fishing rod.

9. Carrie's Pinstriped Suit

Of course, getting drunk at the Vogue offices itself is an out-dated idea (Ms. Wintour would have your head, I'm sure) but this pinstripe dress suit wonder, while beautifully cut and designed, is no longer considered professional, unless you're an O.G. like Al Pacino or Kim Kardashian.

10. All Of The Color Happening Here

Miranda is in a colorful strip shirt and green, pink, and yellow printed pants. Samantha is wearing a bright pink top and tie-dyed pants. Carrie is a stripped red top and white shorts. Wearing that much color in New York City just doesn't happen anymore.

11. Fishnet Tanks

Thankfully, this look didn't last too long. Carrie is a multiple offender of letting her bras show beneath skin-bearing shirts. Unless you're going to the beach, fishnet shirts are just unnecessary.

12. Samantha's Inner Spice Girl

The Spice Girls frequently wore a tube top (literally just a tube large enough to cover what it needed to cover) during performances. Samantha channeled her inner girl-band by wearing a matching casual pantsuit and a literal tube top. And while the SATC girls took "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends," very seriously, unfortunately the Spice Girls are a thing of the past. But, fortunately, so is this trend.

13. Carrie's Colorful Psuedo-Sporty Shirt

Colors that ombre'd into each other and a pseudo-arm band to match. I'm pretty sure I had the same shirt when I was in fifth grade. In case the shirt didn't give it away, Carrie's massive phone should hint at the fact that this is no 2015 getup.

14. Charlotte's Ruffled Top

I'm not too excited about the amount of Easter colors Samantha is wearing, and I can't get past the single row of ruffle on Charlotte's baby pink shirt. If the ruffles kept going down the shirt, it might have made a really cute baby dress!

15. The Spiky Hair

Whether writing or playing stay at home mom, the girls' hair always looked perfectly in order — unless, for some reason, they were headed to a formal event. I appreciate the effort they put in to getting ready for an obviously black-tie event, but the feathers in Samantha's hair is distracting me from her perfect dress. And the curls on top of Charlotte's head remind me of something Lizzie McGuire would wear, which makes for a really strange combination.

16. The Pink Bra & Black Shirt

As previously mentioned, Carrie was a multiple offender of letting her bra show carelessly. Sure, I get the trend if it were a bralette or a complimentary color, but not black and pink.

17. Aidan's Ill-Fitting Button Down

What is going on with that shirt, Aiden? Is it Hawaiian? Is it tribal? Is that a bike and a Rubik's cube?

Maybe it was for the best these two broke it off when they did. As we saw in the first SATC movie, their styles got immensely better while they were apart.

18. Samantha's Sultry Dickie

OK, technically this is a tank top, but that cutout looks a whole lot like a dickie.

19. Printed, Asymmetric Hats

It's getting closer to festival season, and I am so excited to see all of the hats that suddenly resurface to protect festival-goers from the sun and dirty hair. But hopefully this hat, asymmetric and with that pink camouflage won't be one of them.

Samantha can keep the houndstooth coat, though. As long as she tells me where she bought it.

Images: Getty Images; HBO