Woman Posts Joke Craigslist Ad Offering NYC Bar Bathroom For Rent, Gets Real Responses

Please prepare your tender heart for the saddest Craigslist hoax ever. It looks like young broke people are so desperate for housing in New York, that they actually submitted responses to an ad offering a Lower East Side bar's bathroom for rent.

Bartender Alana Reali took four photos of the grimy, graffiti-stained bathroom stall at Local 138, the Lower East Side bar where she works, and posted them to Craigslist as a "hip artist loft" for rent. There's a Comfort Inn next door, where Reali suggests the future tenant showers, per an agreement she has with Juan Pablo the doorman. What's a place like this going for these days? A mere $30 a week! And make no mistake: Reali did not promise there was a bedroom to go with the bathroom. In fact, her Craigslist ad reads in full:

Here's a screen shot of the ad:

But despite her complete transparency, folks were still clamoring for this steal of a housing sitch. She's had over real 30 responses.

"It’s sad, I had one guy saying [he’ll] fix the place up and another girl wanted to move here from Tennessee," Reali told Pix11.

Jezebel got ahold of some of the responses and they are truly tragic. Here are four humans deserving of all the "oh, sweetie..."s in the world:

1. The Fellow Artist

2. So About Juan Pablo...

3. The Eager Acting Student

4. Is He Saying He's Already Had Sex In This Bathroom...?

Images: Paul Green/Unsplash; Giphy