Asher Is Hiding A Secret About Tiffany On 'HTGAWM'

The plot thickened for Keating 5 goofball, Asher Millstone on How to Get Away with Murder, when it was revealed that even he has a dark past. We don't know the exact details of what happened at Trotter Lake, but we do know that it involved Asher and a girl named Tiffany. So who is Tiffany and what happened to her? The Millstone family seems to be really worried about a Trotter Lake secret getting out to the public, and Emily seems ready to reveal it if Asher doesn't do what she says, acting as a mole with Annalise.

We learned about Tiffany shortly after Emily seemed to blackmail Asher with "Trotter Lake." During a meet up in a parking garage, Asher tried to get out of acting as a mole so Emily could be one step ahead of Annalise. Emily seems to be blackmailing him with whatever happened at Trotter Lake, and it appears that Tiffany is related to that. We were able to put the pieces together when Emily texted Asher "Remember Trotter Lake?" with a photo of a girl, who was later revealed as Tiffany. So who is Tiffany in relation to Asher?

Asher hasn't had much of a backstory since the show began, but chances are this is his time to shine. We don't know what happened to Tiffany, or even who she is, but we can guess.

The best guess is that Tiffany is an old girlfriend of Asher. It seems that Asher is pretty emotionally affected when Emily brings up Trotter Lake and even more so when he receives the photo of her texted to him. His dad also knows who Tiffany is, which we see when he tells him "It's about Tiffany."

Tiffany can also be an acquaintance or friend, too, I suppose. While I'm sure Tiffany's identity will be revealed in time — because HTGAWM loves a cliffhanger — we should be asking what happened to her. Did she die? Does she know something about the Millstone family that could possibly damage their reputation. How is Asher involved and what are he and his father going to do to keep Emily quiet?

Also, how does Emily know about Tiffany? She's a prosecutor, so she might have been involved in Tiffany's case if something bad happened to her. My guess is that Tiffany isn't chilling in the greater Philadelphia-metropolitan area anymore, and Emily knows she can use that information to get what she wants from Asher. It's just a matter of how far he will go to keep her quiet.

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Images: Bob D’Amico/ABC; GetAwayWithGifs/Tumblr