Easy 5SOS Halloween Group Costumes Are Here To Make Your Holiday Pop-Punk AF — PHOTOS

Half the fun of Halloween — besides shoving pumpkin-shaped Reese's into your mouth and watching Michael Myers repeatedly not die — is rounding up your friends and figuring out what group costume you should do this year. If you're burnt out on Taylor Swift's squad or aren't feeling the One Direction look sans Zayn Malik, allow me to offer you an alternative: a 5 Seconds of Summer Halloween group costume. YAS.

Since you probably clicked on this because you love those little Aussie pop-punk babies as much as I do, I'll be the first to tell you that this group costume is as simple as it gets, considering you probably own half of the items necessary for this ensemble to begin with. Oh, and this isn't like the time that 5SOS' dressed up as old people and pranked Target customers — you'll just be going as the guys themselves, which may or may not involve buying a hilarious purple wig if you're the one who wants to go as Michael Clifford.

First of all, there are two undisputable items that anyone who ever wants to dress like 5SOS absolutely needs. These two pieces of clothing will provide the base of any 5SOS look you're going for, considering the guys all color-coordinate their clothes to match their ~Jet Black Hearts~. These items, are, of course:

Ripped Skinny Jeans Lying On The Floor

Laughing to myself at my "She Looks So Perfect" reference, but seriously: The dudes love their black jeggings. Score a pair for $17 at SheIn.

And A Black T-Shirt Emblazoned With One Of Their Favorite Bands

Sooo the guys would probably not wear a shirt with one of their cover songs on it, but they consistently list Green Day as a huge influence for them, so everyone else would get the idea. Pick this bad boy up at Hot Topic ($20.50-$24.50).

And now, onto the individual guys.

Luke Hemmings

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rock A Red Plaid Button Down

Hemmings has been known to rock a button-down red flannel shirt a time or two, usually with a black t-shirt with some logo on it (see above) underneath. Score this plaid flannel at Kohl's for $28. Leave it unbuttoned and let the black tee peek through.

With This Wig

Which may just be the closest you'll get to actual Luke hair, tbh. Score it for less than $19 on DHGate.

And Of Course, His ~Iconic~ Lip Ring

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Without his lip ring, there is no Luke Hemmings. Don't have your lip pierced? Pick up a fake one of these bad boys for 99 cents on Etsy.

Ashton Irwin

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do Your Best To Match Ashton's Asymmetrical Locks With This Wig

It's pretty much impossible to replicate the beauty that is Ashton Irwin's curly hair, but this Used Car Salesman wig kinda gets the job done. It's $17 at Party City.

Black Leather Jacket

Be a badass rockstar in just one step with this $32 faux leather jacket from Target.

And While You're At It, Pick Up A Couple Of Drumsticks

Literally $8 at Walmart. So people you know you're the drummer. Duh.

Calum Hood

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Be Your Best 2014 Calum With This Blonde Streak Wig

I may have been sitting here laughing for a solid 10 minutes. It's about $16 on eBay.

And This Inflatable Guitar

Paint a hot pink "x" on it, call it a bass, and you're golden. Less than $10 at Official Rockstar Costumes.

Michael Clifford

Get Michael's Purple Hair With This Ridiculously Hilarious Wig

Michael may change up his hair color every five minutes, but the look you're going for on Halloween is obviously Purple Hair Michael. This wig is under $10 on Amazon.

And Grab A Jean Jacket With Patches

I'm so obsessed with this jacket I want it for myself. It's about $45 on Etsy.

Now you and three of you're friends are all set!

To get you even more in the Halloween spirit, check out the PSL PSA from Scream Queens star Abigail Breslin below!

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Images: SheIn; Hot Topic; Kohl's; DHGate; Party City; Target; Walmart; eBay; OfficialRockstarCostumes; Amazon; Etsy