9 Reasons To Revisit 'Chuck Vs. The Sandworm' This Halloween

'Tis the season for watching Halloween episodes of your favorite shows, and at the top of your list should be "Chuck vs. the Sandworm" from NBC's spy-comedy, Chuck. No it isn't a scary episode, but it is still one the best Halloween episodes of all time, and it is easily a top five episodes of Chuck . Built on the foundation of Chuck and Morgan's friendship, this episode is a blast from beginning to end. It highlights all the sacrifices Chuck has made in his personal life and the impact those sacrifices have had on people like Morgan. Halloween becomes a huge deal for Chuck because it represents his chance to be normal on a night when everyone else gets weird.

Like all great Chuck episodes, "Chuck vs. the Sandworm" touches on the balance between growing up and remaining true to yourself and your friends. Halloween serves as a backdrop for an hour of growing, relationship milestones, a complex case, and some super sweet costumes. With the spooky holiday coming up, now is the perfect time to revisit this amazing episode. It will remind you why Chuck was such an addictive show and treat you to some beautiful character moments.

More than anything, this hour is about Chuck and Morgan's friendship, and who doesn't miss those two dudes? Watch them remind you why you should spend Halloween with your BFF, and prepare to experience a lot of feelings.

1. Ellie & Awesome Pick The Perfect Couple's Costume

Ellie and Awesome are all of your relationship goals in this episode. The already impossibly perfect human beings decide to go as Adam and Eve for Halloween. Look on their combined awesomeness and despair (or just applaud them for their ability to look so cute in a couple's costume).

2. Morgan Stands Up For Chuck

This episode truly belongs to Morgan. When Chuck tells him to grow up he tries to prove he can be an adult by changing his look, but because it is Halloween everyone thinks it is a prank. Even though he can be immature, Morgan always has Chuck's back and when he goes to bat for Chuck in hopes of earning his friend the assistant manager position, it is a truly heartfelt moment.

3. Sarah Gives Chuck Something Real

In one of their earliest relationship milestones, Sarah takes a selfie with Chuck. The gesture is hugely important and it marks a real turning point in their "fake" relationship.

4. Chuck Over Relates To The Bad Guy

Halloween is a night when everyone, even adults, can just let go and have fun. Chuck's first Halloween as the Intersect reminds the viewers just how little control he has over his own life. It's easy to see why he relates to the sheltered Laszlo, who ultimately turns out to be nothing like Chuck.

5. Chuck Develops Some Serious Paranoia

One of my favorite parts of this episode is Chuck's growing paranoia that he can't trust Sarah and Casey. In these early episodes, there are still so many walls between the characters it makes perfect sense for Chuck to freak out when he figures out they have bugged his home. Also, the paranoia angle gives the episode a touch of Hitchcock-style suspense, which pairs perfectly with Halloween.

6. The Buy More Halloween

Buy More Halloween is the best. From Jeff and Lester's American Gothic costume to Anna's badass cat, the Buy More gang goes all out for Halloween and it is fantastic. The best part of any Halloween episode is the costumes, and Chuck definitely delivers.

7. Chuck Tortures Casey With Sandwich Talk

Casey is such an intimidating figure, but it is also way too easy to annoy him. There is an exquisite callback at the end of the hour to the long conversation Morgan and Chuck had about desert island sandwiches that drove Casey bonkers that always makes me laugh. It is a downright devious move on Chuck's part, but Casey deserves it.

8. The James Bond References

An episode about paranoia and suspicions would not be complete without a little James Bond fun thrown in. Watch this episode and marvel once again at how effortlessly Chuck weaved pop culture references into even the most intense moments of the show.

9. The Sandworm

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I don't care that Josh Schwartz was doing a tongue-in-cheek homage to The O.C. when he had Chuck race to find Morgan. The BFFs' reunion and Chuck's apology is the episode's most memorable moment. They can't be a sandworm alone, and Halloween just wouldn't be the same if they weren't being adorable geeks together.

I promise this episode (which is on Netflix, you lucky TV-lover, you) will put you in a Halloween state of mind — and make you want to call your best friend.

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