Will Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South Be Shut Down? Here's What We Know About Lamar Odom's Status

Lamar Odom, former NBA champion and estranged husband of Khloe Kardashian, was found unresponsive at a Nevada brothel called Love Ranch South on Tuesday. The circumstances surrounding the incident still remain fairly mysterious, and Odom's fate isn't entirely clear amid the flurry of rumors. Questions still abound even in the wake of press releases and a pretty enlightening press conference by the Nye County Sheriff's Office. For one, will Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South be shut down? As Hof said in an interview, according to the Washington Post, his business is one of 17 legally licensed brothels in the country, so the business itself may not be at risk due to Odom's situation.

What could impact Hof's business is the prospect of illegal drug use on his premises — as Sharon Wehrly indicated in the Sheriff's Office press conference, if upcoming drug tests come back positive for cocaine use, both Odom and brothel workers could face charges. This in itself could affect the future of Love Ranch South. However, in the same Washington Post interview, Hof underscored the tight control of drug use within his business. When Odom came to Love Ranch South, Hof said he made it clear that there was "zero tolerance" of drug use because of Odom's alleged history of substance abuse, and because the presence of illegal drugs on his premises could negatively impact his business license.

It’s important to keep every workplace drug-free. You don’t want people on drugs running the fryer at McDonalds ...

You could jeopardize your business. My business license is a little more valuable than most. It’s one of 17 in America.

The full press conference can be streamed via YouTube:

FOX 10 Phoenix on YouTube

Despite Hof's assurances, reports indicate that Odom was likely using unregulated and illegal drugs during his time at the Love Ranch, chiefly an "herbal" Viagra substitute and cocaine. During the press conference, Wehrly played the original 911 recordings during which the speaker indicates that Odom was allegedly using cocaine during his stay. Further details are still being kept relatively quiet because this is an ongoing investigation, but the recordings of the calls and a full transcription of the press conference are available on the Nye County Sheriff's Office website.

The hospital and officials working the case are currently awaiting the results of blood tests, which will hopefully shed more light on why Odom collapsed at Love Ranch South. E! has reported that an anonymous insider at the hospital claimed that "virtually every drug imaginable was found in [Odom's] system" and the athlete is being treated as if for an overdose, but no official statement has been made as of yet. And while there was a glimmer of hope last night — Odom apparently squeezed Khloe Kardashian's hand Wednesday night — TMZ now reports that his situation has deteriorated.

A local Fox affiliate in Las Vegas reports that the full toxicology report could take several weeks to come in, and speculations are churning out faster than the responses are coming in. Odom's press representative Eve Sarkisyan told Us in a statement, "Family and friends are extremely concerned for Lamar. ... Please don't listen to the false information being circulated unofficially. Please respect the family's privacy during this difficult time."

Bustle has reached out for comment in response to reports of Odom's condition, but has not yet heard back.