'The Originals' Introduces New Vampires

The Originals gave us our first look at modern day brother-sister duo, Tristan and Aurora in "You Hung the Moon." Though briefly shown during the flashbacks in The Originals season 3 opener, and again during a blink-and-you-miss-it flashback in episode 2, it wasn't until the end of the episode that Tristan and Aurora made their grand entrance into the world of The Originals. But, who are Tristan and Aurora? And, what do they want?

Tristan and Aurora, like Lucien, are members of 'The Trinity' — the first three vampires ever turned by the main members of the Original vampire family (aka Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah). As we saw last week, Lucien, Klaus' very first sire, ran into the Mikaelson family centuries ago, when he was a servant kidnapped by the vampires to help them infiltrate society, to allow them to live out in the open for the first time since becoming vampires. In the past, Lucien brought the Mikaelsons to the Count de Martel, where they met his children, Tristan and Aurora. As has yet to be seen on the show, Lucien was turned by Klaus, Tristan by Elijah and, supposedly, Aurora by Rebekah.

During "You Hung the Moon," Lucien told Elijah that Tristan, described by a young Lucien as "wicked" in the flashbacks, is out to kill Lucien. Their feud at the castle, it seems, has followed them for centuries, into modern times. And, Lucien thinks that Tristan is desperate enough to rid Lucien from this Earth that he would kill Klaus to ensure all vampires sired from Klaus' line die with him. If Lucien is correct, then Tristan's announcement at the end of the episode that he is heading to New Orleans is troublesome. However, it is worth noting that Lucien assured Elijah that he didn't intend to kill him in order to kill Tristan because he doesn't want to be running from Klaus and Rebekah for the rest of eternity. So, how does Tristan intend to escape the wrath of the Mikaelson siblings after he kills Klaus? If he's counting on their near-constant anger towards their evil brother to protect him, he's much dumber than he looks.

Tristan's objective seems clear: Kill Klaus to get to Lucien. As for Aurora, she remains much more of a mystery. In the final scene between her and Tristan, she was enjoying some quality family time — sword fighting for fun, you know, as you do — and then erupted into a sort of tantrum. Her brother keeps her locked up, sedated in a monastery in the mountains. She seems to be somewhat out of control of her strength and her emotions, but why? No doubt her current "state," as Tristan called it, is due to something Klaus and Lucien did to her way back when they were just French bourgeoisie. Whatever her story, I'm sure of one thing: Aurora is going to bring trouble to The Originals.

Images: The CW; Giphy