Lucien Might Be A New Big Bad On 'The Originals'

On Thursday night, the third season premiere of The Originals , "For the Next Millennium," brought with it a few new faces, most notably Lucien, played by Andrew Lees. Lucien breezed into town early on in the episode, buying an expensive penthouse apartment. Coincidentally, he showed up the same night a publicly displayed dead body was discovered in the square. Quick to seek out Klaus, Lucien was revealed as being one of the first vampires sired by the Original vamps. But, who is Lucien, really?

Rebekah, Klaus, Elijah, Finn, and Kol came across Lucien during their first years as vampires, back when they were still living in the shadows. Lucien helped them learn to lie about their identities and become noblemen so they could infiltrate a king's castle. How exactly Lucien came to become a vampire remains unknown, but he must have proved valuable enough for Klaus to turn him.

In the present day, Lucien is clearly a man on a mission, but what, exactly, that mission is remains unclear. Is he, as he told Klaus, really just looking out for Klaus and his progeny? He said that all the vampires sired by Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah (really, all vamps in the world) are concerned by all of Klaus' brushes with death now that they know that once he dies, they die. And, as word spreads of just how linked the Originals are to their progeny, all vampires with an axe to grind can now come after the Original that sired their enemy and wipe out the entire line. No muss, no fuss.

But, are we truly meant to believe that Lucien is in New Orleans simply to look after his life by saving Klaus? Or does he have some nefarious plan of his own? My money's on the latter. The number one mistake you can make as an Originals fan is to trust any new character, no matter how handsome. (Just because he's hot does not mean he can't also be evil.)

By the end of the episode, it was clear — Lucien is no friend to anybody. Not only is he staging elaborate murders, he also seems to be in control of a new corporation called 'Kingmaker Land Development,' whose sole purpose appears to be to kill all the wolves in the bayou, including Hayley. Who knows how much more damage Lucien will cause this season, everyone better watch out.

Images: Screengrab/CW; glowingfluffyunicorn/Tumblr