9 Out-Of-The-Box Handbags For Wardrobe Fun

Purses are the one item that most women have in their closets. Since we tend to get more regular wear out of them than most other accessories, many of us put quite a bit of care and attention into choosing unique handbags that truly show off some element of our personalities. But since your purse basically goes with you everywhere — and will probably be used almost every day — I often wonder why more people don't opt for out-of-the-box designs. Personally, I think choosing a piece that is eclectic, unique, and reflective of your personal style is a great way to approach handbag shopping. It will definitely ensure you get something interesting that you won't get bored of anytime soon.

Fall is also the perfect time of year to buy a new purse, since you'll likely be carrying around more schoolbooks or cold-weather accessories than you did last season. You might want something more streamlined and durable that will survive the months ahead and, for many of us, the snow that will soon creep up on our yards. Then again, the holidays are also right around the corner, so you might have a list of upcoming events and parties that will call for cute clutches. So if you're thinking, Yes, I'm ready to buy a new bag, here are nine funky fall pieces that will spice up your 'drobe.

1. Crossword Magic

Crossword Puzzle Clutch, $205,

I love how unique this design is and how it can also very easily reflect your interests and hobbies. I would immediately guess that someone sporting this purse was intelligent, wordy, possibly a writer, and in possession of high levels of curiosity. Plus, it's a great conversation piece to bring along to a party or event.

2. Warhol Dreams

Totes Amazing Tote, $117,

I love the Pop Art–inspired design of this tote. The structure of the bag is also perfect to use as a carryall, for the days when you simply need to have all of your essentials at your side.

3. Cartoon Fiend

Hip To Be Square Cartoon Bag, $42,

You might just be doing a double take with this bag, considering it literally looks like a cartoon drawing. This piece is sure to get you noticed, so definitely pick it up if you're looking for a messenger bag that will set you apart from the crowd.

4. Classic Lunch Bag

Pack to Basics Lunch Bag, $19.99,

So OK: This is basically just a paper bag, but isn't it amazing that someone had the idea of using a simple paper bag as a purse? This one will take your hipster dressing to new heights.

5. Travel Tote

Rivets and Splice Design Women's Tote Bag, $16.72,

I love how this bag is massive and could be used for traveling or overnighting at someone's place. It has a vintage vibe to it, but also feels really modern, giving it the perfect mix of classic and contemporary.

6. Peacock-ing

Crystal Peacock Clutch, $149.99,

When I look at this clutch, all I can think is, Wow. If you need a bag for a winter wedding or event, get your hands on this sparkly gem.

7. Foxy Fun

Got One Friend in My Pocket Bag in Fox, $39.99,

How adorable is this? This cross-body bag will kind of make it look like you're carrying a fox around with you, adding a really funky touch on an otherwise neutral handbag.

8. Pretty Kitschy

Betsey Johnson Kitch 2 Eau So Pretty, $88,

Betsey Johnson is renowned for her quirky, one-of-a-kind designs, and this fun, perfume bottle-shaped clutch certainly reflects as much.

9. Rocket To The Moon

Skinny Dip Light Up Rocket Crossbody Bag, $53.75,

This handbag is literally out of this world. The perfect dose of kitsch, childishness, and quirk, it's sure to see you through many a fun day.

So go on. Why not add some spice to your life in the form of a purse?

Images: Courtesy Brands