Khloe Kardashian Asks Love Ranch South Owner To Show Respect To Lamar Odom & She's Got A Point

By now, you know about the devastating situation about Lamar Odom being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on Oct. 13 (as confirmed by the Nye County Sheriffs) and that he now remains in critical condition at a Las Vegas hospital, according to a report from E!. You probably also know that the owner of the brothel where Odom was found is talking to quite a few outlets about what happened while the former basketball player was at Love Ranch South. And now, Khloé Kardashian is requesting that he stop. Through a statement released by her rep on Oct. 15, Khloe Kardashian asked brothel owner Dennis Hof to show respect to Lamar Odom. The statement read,

Hof has provided extensive details about Odom's weekend at his ranch in a video interview with a local Nevada news station, including information about the state the former reality star was found in when he was unconscious. In fact, when Kardashian's publicist originally asked the he cease speaking to the media, Hof said in a New York Daily News interview to pass on a message, "Go to hell." He even told NYDN, "If she really cared about this man, he wouldn't be at my place with my girls." Per his statements, it would appear that he doesn't plan to heed Kardashian's request to keep quiet any time soon.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If Hof had simply been confirming the basic facts of the incident, such as where Odom was found and when he was transported to the hospital, there wouldn't be much to be upset about. But some of the details Hof is sharing seem gratuitous to me. No one needs to know details about Odom, like the ones Hof revealed to NYDN in another article. Those revelations not only seem unnecessary, they also strike me as problematic because they serve to make Odom a spectacle.

Odom is a human being worthy of respect. For Hof to share extensive and intimate details of Odom's situation makes it seem like Odom's struggle is some kind of morbid show for the public to watch. It's disrespectful and I can only hope that Hof heeds Kardashian's second request.