Easy Costumes You Can Throw Together At Home

Halloween is an incredibly fun holiday, but it can quickly become less enjoyable when we start to stress about the potential high cost of a costume. Thankfully, there are a ton of awesome, creative costumes you can make with things you already have at home. You just need to think outside the box a little and think about the overlooked clothes and products you already have.

I used to be the person who spent way too much money on Halloween. By the time I'd bought all the makeup, wigs, and random accessories I "needed," I had usually stacked up well over $100 worth of stuff I would literally never use again. However, after switching careers and having to make a concerted effort to re-budget my life, there was simply no way I could justify throwing money at a one-time-use costume anymore, and I started figuring out more creative ways to prep my costume for my favorite holiday.

I quickly found that not only did I have way more stuff than I realized, but I could get away with literally spending zero dollars on a costume and still feeling incredibly satisfied with the results. If you're trying to save money this year, or just don't have time to peruse the countless aisles of costumes at a Halloween pop-up store, then take a look at the below 13 costumes that you can find right in your own closet.

1. Vampire

Vampire makeup is incredibly easy, and if you have red lipstick, dramatic eye makeup, and a cute black and white outfit, you're all set.

2. '50s Greaser

Grab your leather jacket, a pair of jeans, and a white shirt, and you're a certified Greaser. Grease your hair back with any brand of hair gel for added effect.

Leather Biker Jacket, $149, H&

3. Peggy Olson

Retro is totally in, which means odds are you already have everything you need to be a stellar Peggy Olson this year. A simple shift dress, a silk scarf, and some Mary Janes are the basic essentials you'll need.

Factory V-Back Ponte Shift Dress, $38.99,; Women's Mary Jane Heels, $39.99,; Women's Vintage Scarf, $162.50,

4. Mary Ann From Gilligan's Island

This is a super cute, super simple costume that takes virtually no planning. Just throw your hair in pig tails, and grab a coconut on the way to the party if you have time, and you're set.

Plus Size Plaid Shirt, $36,; Denim Shorts, $17.99, H&

5. Nancy Drew

Grab a pleated skirt, a cardigan, a head band, knee socks, and a magnifying glass or flash light, and boom: You're Nancy Drew.

Classic Remixed Cardigan, $34.99,; Accordion to you skirt in stone, $34.99, Maglight Flashlight, $34.95,

6. Rosie The Riveter

Rosie The Riveter is not only super creative, but it's incredibly easy to do. All you really need is a red bandana and a jean jacket or blue button down.

7. Retro Brit Brit

Grab your school-girl-inspired staples and throw your hair up in pig tails. Make your own, "I'm not that innocent" sign, and classic Britney will live for one more night.

Factory Stretch Classic Button Down Shirt, $29.50,; Front Pleated Skirt, $14.98,; Scrunchies Pink Soft Ponytail Holder: $3.58,

8. Regina George

Regina George is a modern day costume classic, and better yet, it's super simple to do. Just cut out two holes in an old white tank and pair with a cute skirt and heels. Also, use an old notebook to create your own Slam Book for an added extra touch.

8. Beatnik

Black on black on black and you're good to go! Carry around a copy of On The Road for that extra little something.

Liz Clairborne Elbow Sleeve Turtle Neck, $21.99,; 100 Wool Beret Classic French Artist Hat, $10.99,; Lauren Co Plus Size Skinny Jeans, $95,

10. A Mime

A mime is basically the same as the beatnik — just use your lightest-colored makeup to make your face as pale as possible, and then use a black eyeliner to accentuate your eyes and draw some tear drops on your cheeks. Also, if you can, swap out the black beatnik shirt for a white striped one.

Women's Black and White Striped Chiffon Blouse Top, $1.99

11. Cher Horowitz

The '90s are in again, which means odds are great that you already have all you need to make the perfect Cher Horowitz. And tape a straw onto your iphone to create the illusion of a super big retro antennae.

12. A Genie

YouTuber RosalieSaysRawr has a super simple tutorial on how to turn many of your summer fashion staples into a classic genie costume. Skip ahead to 1:15 to see how she does it.

13. Risky Business

Risky Business is probably the easiest costume of all time... mostly because you don't really need anything on your bottom half. Just grab an oversized white button-up, long white socks, and some sunglasses, and you're good to go (I also recommend some short spandex to go underneath the shirt if you want to cover up and/or get cold easily).

II Migliore Men's Long Sleeve Shirt Button Down, $7.75,; Retro Risky Business Blues Brothers Wayfarer Sunglasses, $4.46,

Halloween doesn't have to break the bank or cost you hours shopping at the store. There are a ton of genuinely cool and creative costumes lying around your house just waiting to be discovered.

Images: Steven Depolo/Flickr; Giphy (1); Mallory Patrice/YouTube